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Weigh in

Hi peeps!
I'm facing the scale a day early this week because I'm heading for the beach today. Woohoo! Vacation!
Anyweigh, I'm so excited about my weigh in!
Look at this:

That's right - 195.2! Yay! Total loss of 5.8!
I finallly hit that 5 pound mark!!!!!
So happy!!!

Now, I'm worried though. I'll be at the beach for a week. A whole week of temptation. I'll be staying with Mom aka The Feeder. She does not really get the whole low fat, low calorie thing. She's a true Eastern Shore woman and she always will be.
I will be eating out quite a bit with friends. That presents a challenge because along with the delicious food, there will be beer. Lots of beer.

So, what am I going to do to maintain this loss and avoid packing on the pounds this week?
This is what:
Drink light beer only. 2 points each and cheaper than the good stuff. Plus, light beer is more refreshing in the summer sun anyway. If I do want to partake of an Orange Crush, the local's favorite drink at one of my favorite bars, I will only have one.
Walk with the pup around the block at least 2 times while at The Feeder's house. It's a path I know well and will give me the exercise I need. The only obstacle will be the heat. There is no shade for the pup on this path. If she can't tolerate it, I'll ride The Feeder's bike around the block.
Make good choices when I eat out. Salad with every meal, dressing on the side. Fresh veggies whenever possible. Stop eating when I'm full.
Make dinner for The Feeder when we eat in. If I can control what is being made, I have a better chance of avoiding the bad stuff. Plus, it's nice to cook for them once in awhile.
Take some staple items with me so I know I can be good. I plan on taking some Fiber One bars for breakfasts. I'll get some yogurt, rice cakes, fruit and Crystal Light to take also. These are things I know they won't have in the house.
I'll hide all of The Feeder's candy jars. I have to hide them from the pup anyway. If they are out of sight, they are out of reach. For both of us. :)

I can do this. I can make good choices and be aware of what I'm eating and still have fun. I'm not going to stress over it. I don't know if I'm going to count points or not. It might be best not to, but I haven't decided. I will make an effort to post my daily food journal as I have been. That accountablity is really going to help.
Another 3 pounds next week? Maybe not. I'll settle for maintaining. You never know, though...

Sunday June 13, 2010

Daily points allowance: 25
Weekly points remaining - 7.5

1 bagel with light cream cheese, 7 points - 18
1 iced coffe with 1 sugar, 1 point - 17

1 serving ground turkey with taco seasoning, 3 points - 14
2 cups lettuce, 0 points - 14
1 serving WW cheddar cheese, 2 points - 12
salsa, 0 points - 12

cup cream of broccoli soup, 4 points - 8
1/4 club sandwich, 4 points - 4
1/4 cup fried calamari, 6 points - 0/5.5

1 WW lemon cake, 1 point - 4.5

Daily points used: 25
Weekly points remaining: 4.5
Fruit/veggie servings: 2
Total water servings: 5