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I really suck at this.

I'm still here! I promise!

I've just been very busy. I planned on posting all of my eats while at work since I was in the office this week and it is notoriously slow in the office. However, I got busy with stuff and never got to do it.


I've been doing pretty good with planning meals. I've been bad at sampling. You see, this week has been all about preparing for MB's firehouse Christmas party which we were hosting tonight at our house and my family Christmas dinner which we are hosting tomorrow.

I've been baking and cooking and it's got me a little sidelined. I mean, I have to sample my cuisine before I serve it, right?

Plus, there is booze. Lots of booze.

I am definitely eating, drinking and being merry this week and plan to for the week to come.

I'm not sure how the scale will treat me on Tuesday. But, I'll be there. Checking in. For better or worse.

I WILL get back to posting my daily eats. I WILL get back to running and getting in shape. I WILL do all of these things.

Right now, I'm just too busy to do it.

After this weekend of playing hostess with the mostess, I will be back on track. Or at least, I will be back to daily posting. :)

Weigh in

Well, hello there!
Long time, no post.

I didn't want to jump on the scale yesterday, but I did it. Well, I didn't 'jump', because I don't think that really works out too well. But, I did plop my fat ass on there and see how much damage I've done.

I was actually surprised. 189.6. I'm up a little, but it's not as bad as I thought.

This little lull is over. I'm back on track this week. I've decided to continue counting points using the old Weight Watchers system. Joining at this time is just not in the budget. So, I may be confusing some people and pissing off the WW community in general for not taking part in their new plan...but, I don't care.

I need structure and the points plan works for me. Once we have a little money in our pockets and MB's employers decide to lift the furloughs and whatnot, maybe I'll rejoin and start the new plan.

Until then? Just support me, peeps. I know that you will. :)

My goals for the coming week:
1) Post my eats every day using points.
2) Curb my desire to overindulge at the work party and family dinner I will be hosting this weekend.
3) Try to exercise. I'm not sure if I can fit this in with my schedule this week or not, but I'm going to try. That's the best I can do this week.
4) Enjoy myself!