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The BLitz is back!

Omg.  I have been slacking on the BLitz. 

Between wedding planning, kitchen remodeling, dog drama and everything else that's been going on, BLitzing has really taken a back seat. 

Which has really taken a toll on my back seat, if you know what I mean!  Yeah, that was a lame reference to my fat ass.  It's gotten fatter.  Shocking! 

I actually had to go to the Goodwill to get new jeans because none of my jeans (or other clothes) fit very well anymore.  I pretty much gained back everything I had lost and maybe a little more.  I haven't been taking care of myself at all.  I've completely let the stress of my life go right into my face, in the form of bacon cheeseburgers, ice cream, cake, beer, etc. 

Calories?  I haven't counted a calorie since September...of last year. 

So, I'm back.  I'm trying to get my fat ass back on track, once again.  I know that posting my eats and chatting with fellow Fat Fighters was very helpful, so I figured I'd come back and start BLitzing again.

I'm going to be back later today to post my eats and tell you what my Fat Fighting plan is.  I'm also going to get back into the blogging community that was such an inspiration to me in the past. 

So, is anyone still out there?  How is your journey going?