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Friday July 9, 2010

Daily points allowance: 25
Weekly points: 35

1 bagel with cream cheese, 10 points - 15
1 unsweetened iced tea, 0 points - 15

1/2 WW pita bread, 1 point - 14
1/4 cup tuna salad with fat free mayo, celery and onion, 2 points - 12
1 100 calorie pack cheezits, 2 points - 10

1 edy's fruit bar, 1 point - 9
Tortilla chips, 9 points - 0
reduced fat cheddar cheese, 4 points - 0/31
salsa, 0 points - 0/31
unsweetened iced tea, 0 points - 0/31

1 WW chocolate raspberry bar, 2 points - 0/29

20 minute walk in the park with the pup.
30 minute yoga on Fit tv.

I went grocery shopping today, so I should be able to plan meals better this week. I got ground turkey, pre- portioned chicken breasts, yogurts and Cheerios, among other things.
I work night shift this weekend and should be able to stick to my meals.

Weigh in (late)

I have really been slacking on my tracking this week. You can check out Girly Bitz to read more about that, if you are interested.
Anyweigh, I weighed in on Tuesday with the intent to post it on Tuesday, but that didn't happen.
So, here I am today. Better late than never, right?
The results...194.6.

That's a loss of 0.6 for the week and 6.4 total thus far.

Goals for the week:
*Track every day.
*No eating out! This has been a problem for us.
*Exercise. Slim in 6 or Wii Fit three times.

I can do this.
Hell, I am doing it. I just need to do it better to get the results I want.
Anyone else out there struggling this week?