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Weigh in 10/26/10

I did it!
I reached my 10 lbs lost!

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I feel like I should celebrate with a hot fudge sundae!
Just kidding. :)

Seriously, I feel really good about this. I finally broke that 10 lb barrier.

I was hoping for a bigger loss this week, but .8 is still a loss and I'm okay with that. It puts me at 10.2 overall.

TOM really messed with me this week. The Beast also had a little fun with me. Between those two jerks, I really didn't stick to my goals of eating all my points or planning meals carefully, etc.

This week I plan to do much better. I plan to eat all of my points for the day, every day. I plan to incorporate a lot more fruits and veggies and protein (lentil soup, anyone? Yum). I plan to stick to my exercise routine of C25K every other day with Burn it Up on 2 of my off days and yoga on my other off day/s.

The only thing that has the potential to hinder me is the absence of MB. He is away for training for the next 5 days so I am on my own with all of this. This means I will have to be trusted to do the runs on my own.

I can physically manage it, but the mental won't be so easy. MB is my motivator. Without him there, I have to find my own inner motivation in order to push myself. I think I can do it. It might be a struggle though. It's a lot easier to give up when no one is there to give you the stink eye.

I won't give up though. I will do it.

I also have to stick to the meal plans while MB is away. I have a tendency to stray from that also when no one is around to give me the stink eye.

A whole week without supervision. This might be hard!

I know I can do it though. I want to keep that 10 lb loss and work towards 15.

So, how are you guys doing this week?

Eats for Sunday 10/24

Today was a really weird day for me.
I got up with MB and we did Day 12 of C25K. We kicked butt! It was awesome. We had to run 2 5 minute segments and 2 3 minute segments. I ran all of them, all the way through. Woohoo! It felt great!
We got home and showered to get ready for my parents who were coming up for a visit. I thought I had plenty of time to eat a little breakfast or something before they got here, but I was mistaken.
When they got here, they wanted to go over to my cousin's house right away to visit her. I rushed to get dinner in the crockpot so that would at least be done and scarfed down an apple. I could already feel The Beast (my migraine affliction) coming on.
I popped a migraine pill and tried to fend it off, but it was futile. I'll be posting about it more at Girly Bitz, if you want the gory details. Just know that The Beast is the reason that there is no lunch on today's posting. I had lunch, but The Beast stole it from me.
Moving on, I was able to eat dinner without incident and all was right with the world.
Such a roller coaster of a day for me. I kicked butt on my run, spent quality time with my family, suffered through one hell of a bout with The Beast, then had a nice dinner with MB.

Daily points allowance: 25
Weekly points remaining: 33

1 banana, 2 pts - 23
1 pack of nuts, 3 pts - 20

Day 12 of C25K, +4 pts - 24

1 apple, 2 pts - 22

slow cooker ginger pork, 7 pts - 15
unsweetened iced tea, 0 pts - 15

Total points used: 14
Exercise points earned: 4
Weekly points remaining: 33
Fruit/veggie: 2
Water: 3

Thought for the day:
I really despise The Beast.

Eats for Saturday 10/23

Today was a very lazy day for me. MB was gone for most of the day, so it was just Skye girl and I and we took advantage of the quiet. I stayed in bed most of the morning reading. TOM was making me crave cupcakes so I had those for breakfast. I know, it's not what I should've been eating. Sometimes you just have to have a cupcake.
I more than burned them off with my Burn it Up workout. That is one heck of a workout!
When MB got home, we decided to go out for dinner since he had been gone for 2 days and was going to be away all next week also. He wanted Italian, so we hit the local Italian place we love and tried to have a nice meal.
The food was pretty bad, which is unusual for them. Our cream of crab soup was definitely made with imitation crab. When you can tell that it's fake by the texture, it's pretty bad. I ordered broccoli rabe with sausage and it was awful. I could only eat a couple bites. It tasted bitter like it does when I try to make it. Sheesh. I could've stayed home and eaten my own crappy version. The waitress actually took it off my bill. That's how bad it was.
Of course, I felt like an asshole for even telling her how bad it was, but I had to explain why I barely touched it. Hey, she asked! MB says we can't go back there now for awhile...until they have forgotten us.

Daily points allowance: 25
Weekly points: 35

2 cupcakes, 8 pts - 17
8 oz skim milk, 2 pts - 15

2 slices leftover pizza, 8 pts - 7
unsweetened iced tea, 0 pts - 7

Burn it Up from the Slim in 6 series, +4 pts - 11

cream of crab soup, 6 pts - 5
broccoli rabe with sausage, 1 pt (that's all I ate) - 4
2 rolls, 6 pts - 0/33
2 unsweetened iced teas, 0 pts - 0/33

Total points used: 27
Weekly points remaining: 33
Exercise points earned: 4
Fruit/veggies: 0
Water: 4

Thought for the day: That dinner was just about the most disgusting thing I have eaten in a long time.