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Weigh in 10/26/10

I did it!
I reached my 10 lbs lost!

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I feel like I should celebrate with a hot fudge sundae!
Just kidding. :)

Seriously, I feel really good about this. I finally broke that 10 lb barrier.

I was hoping for a bigger loss this week, but .8 is still a loss and I'm okay with that. It puts me at 10.2 overall.

TOM really messed with me this week. The Beast also had a little fun with me. Between those two jerks, I really didn't stick to my goals of eating all my points or planning meals carefully, etc.

This week I plan to do much better. I plan to eat all of my points for the day, every day. I plan to incorporate a lot more fruits and veggies and protein (lentil soup, anyone? Yum). I plan to stick to my exercise routine of C25K every other day with Burn it Up on 2 of my off days and yoga on my other off day/s.

The only thing that has the potential to hinder me is the absence of MB. He is away for training for the next 5 days so I am on my own with all of this. This means I will have to be trusted to do the runs on my own.

I can physically manage it, but the mental won't be so easy. MB is my motivator. Without him there, I have to find my own inner motivation in order to push myself. I think I can do it. It might be a struggle though. It's a lot easier to give up when no one is there to give you the stink eye.

I won't give up though. I will do it.

I also have to stick to the meal plans while MB is away. I have a tendency to stray from that also when no one is around to give me the stink eye.

A whole week without supervision. This might be hard!

I know I can do it though. I want to keep that 10 lb loss and work towards 15.

So, how are you guys doing this week?