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weigh in

Weigh in time again.
I'm happy to report a loss again this week.
Down 1.2 for the week and 7.6 total!

I didn't think I had a very good week. I've been on night shift all this week and that always messes with me, especially when it's busy. I run around in the crisis unit all night, then come home and have to unwind from all the stress. That means I end up going to bed at 3am most of the time and then I sleep in the next morning and basically get nothing accomplished. It really screws up my week.
Anyone else work shift work and have similar woes?

Anyweigh, I'm excited for another week of progress. Next week, I'm aiming for a 3 pound loss. I think I can do it.

Goals for the week are as always: track daily, exercise and stick to my planned meals.