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Thursday July 15, 2010

Omg. I have really been slacking on the BLitz lately. Also the Bitz. My last post was on Friday the 9th?! Wtf?! My bloggy land membership card should be revoked or something.

I'm not even going to try and re-log what I've eaten since Friday. It's pointless. Let's just say that I sorta stayed on track. I didn't go overboard, but I didn't exactly kick ass either.
Of course, I had a bit of a gain. I think it was 1.8 but I'm not sure right now. I weighed in on Tuesday, wrote it down with the intent to post it and then never got a chance to do it. I'm at work right now (shhh don't tell my boss) posting and don't have my exact weight with me. (Fail)

On the bright side, I worked out this week. I did Slim in 6 Monday with weights. I also walked up and down the mall last night. I also did yoga Monday night after Slim in 6.

So, what the heck have I been doing if I haven't been here on the BLitz doing what I'm supposed to be doing? Well, I've just been living my life. Nothing exciting. Work. Home. Repeat. Some other stuff has been thrown in there too.

Go here to find out more about why I am a slackass. You just may want to wait a bit because I may not get a chance to update that until later given how my day is going so far.
Stupid work.
Always interfering with my Bitz.

I will get back to posting my daily food log because it's something that works for me. I will also get back on track with the exercise and meal planning because it also works for me. I will do these things, not because I feel guilty (although I do). I will do them because I want this.

Sorry if I haven't checked in with you all lately. I will be fixing that.
Hope you are all doing well on your journeys.
Later. And lighter.