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Eats for Wednesday 3/23/11

My coworkers and I had planned on going out for Indian food today. It was a rare day where myself and 3 of my favorite coworkers got to work together and we thought we would celebrate.

Of course, the Indian place was closed due to repairs and our plans got foiled. We ended up going to get subs instead because it was 1:00 already and we were starving!

Eating so late in the day made my appetite for dinner pretty nonexistent. I ended up eating leftover breadsticks from our pizza last night.

On a more positive note, I'd like to tell you about my new food find. It's called Green Goodness and it's delish! It's not the prettiest drink in the world, unless you like drinking stuff that looks like pond scum. It's very green.

However, it is so yummy, you won't even notice the color after one sip. It's packed full of fruits and vegetables and lots of good stuff. I like it because I can get a decent serving of my fruits and veggies in with one glass. I also feel really good after I drink it. It fills me up and energizes me for the day. It's become my new breakfast beverage.

Have you tried it or anything similar? I'd be open to some new flavors or varieties.


Daily points allowance: 25
Weekly points: 35
*Remember that I am using the old WW points system, not the new and improved one.

1/2 cup light vanilla yogurt, 1 point - 24
1 cup strawberries, 1 pt - 23
1/2 multi grain sandwich thin, .5 pts - 22.5
1 tbsp peanut butter, 2.5 pts - 20
8 oz Green Goodness juice, 2 pts - 18

32 oz water with crystal light, 0 pts - 18
roast pork sub with broccoli rabe, 12 pts - 6

parmesan breadsticks, 9 pts - 0/32
unsweetened iced tea, 0 pts - 0/32

Total points used: 28
Total points earned: 0
Weekly points remaining: 32
Fruits/veggies: 2
Water: 4

Thought for the day:
Sometimes work really messes with my eats.

Weigh in

Weigh in!
I'm up 1 pound.

I'm completely okay with it. This has been a horrible week for me with regards to planning or eating healthy or anything. We have eaten out a lot just because of our broken fridge. I fully expected a gain and 1 pound is fine with me.

It's funny, but I really miss my healthy meals. I miss being able to cook a fresh meal with fresh ingredients. I miss my salad for lunch and my fresh homemade soups. I miss it all!

I can't wait until we get the fridge fixed or replaced.

My goals for this week are the same as always. I want to plan meals as best I can. This may require daily trips to the grocery store, but it'll be worth it in the end.

I also plan on hitting the trails at least 2 times this week. Slim in 6 at least 2 times and yoga at least 2 times this week. My body is begging for some exercise and I'm going to oblige.

You know, I've been coming here for awhile now. 202 posts to be exact. In that time, I've essentially been playing around with the same 10 pounds or so. My BLitz attack has reached a stagnation phase for some reason.

I've spent a lot of time trying to figure out why that is. I've been moping around about why I can't seem to kick my ass into gear and lose the extra poundage that is making me feel miserable about myself.

I have all the tools. I have all the knowledge. I have all the support (thank you, peeps - I heart you so much). I have all the reasons to want to do it.

So, why haven't I done it?

I could attribute it to all the stress in my life. I've been eating as a way of coping with my money woes, my job woes and my general life woes. I could say that and it would be semi-true.

However, it's not an excuse. There is no excuse. If I really want this, I can't let excuses stand in my way.

I'm not sure what it's going to take to get my ass in gear. But, I'm going to be doing everything I can this week to find out.

Anyone else out there struggling? How are you coping with it?

Eats for Sunday 3/20/11

I'm really getting sick of night shift because it's making me a lazy person.

Not that I haven't always been a lazy person. Night shift just makes me even lazier.

I work until 11:30 at night and then come home and stay up to unwind until 2 or 3 in the morning. Then I wake up at 10 or 11 the next morning. Rinse and repeat.


I can't wait to be on day shift this coming week. I'm pretty sure I'll be bitching about having to be up at 6am by day two.

Nothing new on the fat fighting front. Just hanging in there. Trying to do what I need to do.

How are you guys doing? I feel like I haven't 'chatted' with anyone in awhile.


Daily points allowance: 25
Weekly points remaining: 14.5
*Remember that I am using the old WW points system, not the new and improved one.

scrambled eggs with fat free cheese and bacon, 12 pts - 13
8oz Green Goodness, 2 pts - 11
8oz diet v8 splash, 0 pts - 11

1/4 cup raisins, 2 pts - 9
32 oz water with crystal light, 0 pts - 9

1 cup pasta, 4 pts - 5
sauce with ground beef, 3 pts - 2
32 oz water with crystal light, 0 pts - 2

Total points used: 23
Total points earned: 0
Weekly points remaining: 14.5
Fruits/veggies: 3
Water: 8

Thought for the day:
6 am is really early.