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I'm struggling. But I'm still here.

Hi peeps!
No, I haven't fallen off the face of the Earth.
Thanks for asking, though. :)

I'm still around. And still round (teeheehee - fat chick humor).

But seriously, I haven't tracked a damn thing since my weigh in on Tuesday and I'm loving it.
At first, it wasn't intentional. I was just slacking. But, I realized that after missing the first 3 days of point counting, I wasn't going to catch up for the week. So, I just decided to take a break.

I'm not really eating all that badly. I'm just not tracking anything. I haven't counted a point since Tuesday. However, I have been aware of how many points I've been eating. No matter how hard I try, that information is just burned into my brain.

I know this is probably going to come back and bite me in the ass. I'm probably going to have a gain on the scale when I weigh in on Tuesday.
You wanna know something though?
I'm kinda okay with that right now.

I've been struggling with a lot of stress and emotional stuff and it's been taking a toll on me. I have enough to fret about right now without adding food fretting to the mix.

Plus, I can't even really focus on meeting my food and weight goals while I'm carrying around all this extra stress. It's distracting me from doing what I need to do to lose the pounds I want to lose.

Does that make sense to anyone?

I'm not giving up on my journey. Far from it. I'm actually just taking a little vacation in order to refocus and find my mojo again.

I'll be back on here daily starting today, but don't expect me to be counting points until after my Tuesday weigh in.

I'm struggling, but I'm going to be okay.
How about you?

*If you care to read about my stress and what I'm doing to get my brain back on track, visit me here.

Weigh in.

Weigh in day once again.
I've been feeling pretty 'blah' about this week. I've been tracking, but not really. I've been watching portions, but not really.

The one good thing I did was exercise. I managed to get two days in on the local trail. That's not a lot, but it's a start and I feel good about it.

Apparently, the scale did not agree. I gained .2 pounds this week.

I know. I know. 2/10ths of a pound is nothing to get down about.
Trust me, I'm not going to let it get me down. I'm just going to try harder this week and make that a bigger loss.

That may be easier said than done though since I am on vacation next week (woohoo!). I will be unstructured for a whole week, which can be a bad thing.
Plus, I'll be heading to the beach where I will be faced with the temptation of crab dip, orange crushes and lots and lots of beer.


It's okay. I can get through it.

What temptations are you facing this week, if any?

Eats for Monday 9/13

So, the grocery store had a really good special this week. Buy 2 bottles of wish bone salad dressing at 2 for $4 and get one bag of Dole salad free. Pretty sweet, right? I thought so.
The problem is that every freakin shopper in the store was all over this bargain creating a near riot in the condiment aisle. In my effort to avoid getting punched by the chic who wanted ranch, I grabbed my caesar and ran.
While strolling through the dairy aisle, I noticed that I had grabbed the regular caesar instead of the light, which is what I usually buy.
After scouring the store for the light version, I discovered that there were none. Zero. No light caesars in the whole store.
So, I now have regular caesar for my salads this week. That's going to be an interesting obstacle for the week.
I shall persevere though.

Daily points allowance: 25
Weekly points remaining: 19

1 Activia light vanilla yogurt, 1 pt - 24
1 cup fiber one cereal, 1 pt - 23

1/2 cup ground turkey, 3 pts - 20
1 serving fat free cheddar, 2 pts - 18
fresh salsa, 0 pts - 18
over 2 cups romaine, 0 pts - 18
1 cup watermelon, 1 pt - 17

1 fiber one bar, 1 pt - 16

turkey chili with no beans, 6 pts - 10
over brown rice, 3 pts - 7
with 1 serving fat free cheddar, 2 pts - 5

1 edys fruit bar, 1 pt - 4

Total points used: 21
Weekly points remaining: 19
Fruit/veggie servings: 3
Total water intake: 5
Exercise: none

Thought for the day:
I currently have 4 pounds of ground turkey cooked, portioned and in my freezer at the ready. That's what I did last night. Woohoo!

Hitting the trails!

The pup and I hit the local trails on Friday.
My favorite is the Life Course. It's a fitness course that goes into the woods and winds up and down a hill. There are 20 stations set up along the course for various stretches and exercises.
It's really fun.
MB and I used to run it actually.
We would run to one station, then walk to the next, then run, then walk. It was a great workout.
He went recently and ran a good portion of it.
We hope to get back into doing it on a regular basis now that it's fall.

On this outing, it was just me and the pup.
It was dusk so there weren't many people around. We got lucky at one point and ran into some deer.
At first, I thought it was only one because I saw his little face just ahead of us. When she noticed us, she took off with her little deer peeps. I saw 7 little white butts sprinting off into the woods.
A couple of them stayed around and we ran into them again, but never got too close before they sprinted off.

It was a really neat.

The entrance to the trail...

The pup leading the way...

The pup making a pit stop...

The pup telling me break is over and it's time to get moving...

Time for some water after a nice little workout...

Eats for Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Sunday too.

I've been slacking on the posts this week and I apologize. I meant to catch up things Friday but work was a little busy. Then, the pup and I hiked after work and so it never happened. I meant to do it Saturday but I don't even remember what I got into. So, here I am today.
I've kinda been slacking on the eating too, so cut me a little slack. I finally went to the grocery store today and stocked up on healthy foods. I also planned out meals for the week.
Here are my eats for the past few days as I recall them.

Thursday 9/9
1 vanilla yogurt with Fiber one cereal, 3 pts - 22
30g cheddar rice cakes, 2 pts - 20
1 bagel with cream cheese, 8 pts - 12
1 cup watermelon, 1 pt - 11
I honestly can not remember what the heck we had for dinner. Sorry.
Let's just assume all my points for the day are gone. Mmmkay.

Friday 9/10
1 pepperidge farm deli flat with peanut butter, 6 pts - 19
30g cheddar rice cakes, 2 pts - 17
1/2 chicken cutlet sub with broccoli rabe, 10 pts - 7
side broccoli rabe, 0 pts - 7
1 fiber one bar, 1 pt - 6
california rolls, 6 pts, 0
chicken teriyaki, 6 pts - 0/25

Saturday 9/11
pepperidge farm deli flat with peanut butter, 6 pts - 19
1 cup pasta, 4pts - 15
1/2 cup sauce, 1 pt - 14
italian sausage - 3 pts - 11
1 cup rice pilaf, 5 pts - 6
stir fry with beef, broccoli rabe, mushrooms and garlic, 5 pts - 1

Sunday 9/12
1 fiber one bar, 1 pt - 24
nachos with WW cheese and fresh salsa, 16 pts - 8
turkey chili with no beans, 6 pts - 2
2 cups romaine, 0 pts - 2
caesar dressing and bacon bits, 6 pts - 0/21
1/4 cup mozarella, 2 pts - 0/19

Weekly points remaining: 19
Exercise: 45 minute hike on Friday and a 20 minute walk on Saturday.l

Thought for the day(s):
Broccoli rabe is very bitter. Anyone have any tips for cooking it? It was my first time and I dont think I did it right.