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Weigh in.

Weigh in day once again.
I've been feeling pretty 'blah' about this week. I've been tracking, but not really. I've been watching portions, but not really.

The one good thing I did was exercise. I managed to get two days in on the local trail. That's not a lot, but it's a start and I feel good about it.

Apparently, the scale did not agree. I gained .2 pounds this week.

I know. I know. 2/10ths of a pound is nothing to get down about.
Trust me, I'm not going to let it get me down. I'm just going to try harder this week and make that a bigger loss.

That may be easier said than done though since I am on vacation next week (woohoo!). I will be unstructured for a whole week, which can be a bad thing.
Plus, I'll be heading to the beach where I will be faced with the temptation of crab dip, orange crushes and lots and lots of beer.


It's okay. I can get through it.

What temptations are you facing this week, if any?


  1. Have fun on vacation :)

    My temptations this week is peanuts. I've been on a serious peanuts kick for the past 3 weeks. Crunchy, salty peanuts! They're like eating potato chips!

  2. I'm sorry about that gain, but it's a very small one, and you'll have it back off in no time! :) Everything is tempting me this week, since TOM showed up early. UGH.