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Hitting the trails!

The pup and I hit the local trails on Friday.
My favorite is the Life Course. It's a fitness course that goes into the woods and winds up and down a hill. There are 20 stations set up along the course for various stretches and exercises.
It's really fun.
MB and I used to run it actually.
We would run to one station, then walk to the next, then run, then walk. It was a great workout.
He went recently and ran a good portion of it.
We hope to get back into doing it on a regular basis now that it's fall.

On this outing, it was just me and the pup.
It was dusk so there weren't many people around. We got lucky at one point and ran into some deer.
At first, I thought it was only one because I saw his little face just ahead of us. When she noticed us, she took off with her little deer peeps. I saw 7 little white butts sprinting off into the woods.
A couple of them stayed around and we ran into them again, but never got too close before they sprinted off.

It was a really neat.

The entrance to the trail...

The pup leading the way...

The pup making a pit stop...

The pup telling me break is over and it's time to get moving...

Time for some water after a nice little workout...

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  1. LOL! I love that picture of him peeing on the tree. :) Glad ya'll had a good time. :)