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Weigh in.

I lost 3 pounds this week! Woohoo!

Let's see how I did on my goals:

-track points and post my daily eats...
Well, I did keep track of my points but I did not post my daily eats. It just seems that time got away from me again this week and I never had a chance to post anything.

-C25K Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday or Sunday...
Well, I didn't do C25K on Tuesday or Thursday but I did do it on Monday. Part of the reason was the heat. Part of it was just slacking.

-Ramp it Up Wednesday, Friday and Saturday or Sunday...
I did Ramp it Up Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. I also did the Slim in 6 ab workout, Slim in 6 Pack on Monday after doing C25K.

-stick to my planned meals for the week...
MB and I did pretty well with our planned meals this week. We went out a couple times, but didn't over indulge. We both agree that this is the biggest area for improvement for us and our weight loss. The problem is that we really enjoy food. We love to go out to eat. We love to cook. We love to try new recipes. We just love food.

That's not a good thing when you are trying to lose weight. However, I think that if we try to focus our love for food in a healthier direction, it might work. We need to focus on trying out new healthy recipes. I think we can do it.

So, my goals for next week are:
-Eat healthy meals.
-Ramp it Up Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.
-C25K Monday and maybe Saturday.

The challenge is that I'm going to the beach tomorrow for 4 days. I have wedding stuff to do with my Mom and we have celebrations planned for my brother's birthday and Father's Day. I also have at least one outing planned with my bridesmaids.

I won't have much control over my eats since I won't be at home and won't be preparing all of my meals. However, I plan to stay on track and do my best to control what I can. I am taking my Ramp it Up dvd with me and I plan on trying to run while I'm down there. I don't have the best time running without MB, but I'm willing to give it a shot.

I hope you all are doing well. Sorry if I haven't been able to stop by and say 'hi'. I'm really trying to keep up with the blogging but it's just been hard for me lately.