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Eats for Wednesday 9/8

I really planned poorly for dinner today. I had thought about taking the ground turkey out of the freezer so I could cook it up and freeze my servings like I have been doing. Then, I could have had turkey tacos or pasta or something. But, I only thought about taking it out. I never actually did it.
It's okay though because I was so tired, I was practically falling asleep at 5pm. Nachos was about the only thing I had the energy to throw together. Not the healthiest of choices, but not the worst either.
What I wanted was a slice of cake. Did I have cake in the house? No. So, had I given in to my desire for cake, I would have gone to the grocery store and bought a cake. You know, they don't sell cake by the slice there. I could've gone to the diner and just bought a single slice of cake, but then they would've seen that I was the fat girl buying cake for dinner and I don't need the judgement. At least if I buy a whole cake in the grocery store, there is less judgement because I could be buying it for a party or event and not just because I'm a fat chick who plans to eat the entire cake while watching Top Chef in my underwear. And yes, I would have had to eat the entire cake because if there was cake left in the house, MB would be all judgey and stuff. It's either throw away cake, which is a waste or take the leftovers to work which is stupid because they'd be all judgey about what happened to 2/3 of the cake and I'd have to make up a lie rather than embarrass myself with the truth (see Top Chef underwear scenario) so the best thing is to just eat the entire cake and leave no evidence behind.
That is why I ate nachos instead.
Losing weight is really hard sometimes.

Daily points allowance: 25
Weekly points: 35

1 cup bran cereal, 1 pt - 24
1 Yoplait light vanilla yogurt, 2 pts - 22
1 tangerine, 1 pt - 21

30g cheddar rice cakes, 2 pts - 19

2 cups salad greens with carrots, 0 pts - 19
1 serving fat free feta cheese, 1 pt - 18
1 serving bacon bits, 1 pt - 17
2 tbsps light caesar dressing, 2 pts - 15
1 cup watermelon, 1 pt - 14
4 16oz cups water with crystal light, 0 pts - 14

1 fiber one bar, 1 pt - 13

nachos with tortilla chips, WW cheese and fresh salsa, 16 pts - 0/32
1 Edys fruit bar, 1 pt - 0/31
2 8oz glasses unsweetened iced tea

Total points used: 29
Weekly points remaining: 31
Fruit/veggie servings: 4
Water intake: 10
Exercise: 20 minute walk with the pup

Thought for the day:
I want a slice of cake again because I wrote about cake. (sigh)

Weigh in and bloggy love.

It's that time of the week again.
I weighed in at 193 today. Down .2 from last week and down 8 total.
Not too bad.

I had a day of dieting debauchery yesterday that involved crab dip, bacon wrapped chicken, a cheeseburger and lots of booze.

I'm getting down to business this week. I actually plan to exercise!
Shocker, I know.
Since things are actually cooling off a little bit, I will be able to take the pup to the trails more often. I'm also on day shift for the next several days which makes it easier to plan meals and work in a workout.

Hope you are all having a good week. Can't wait to check in with everyone.

Now for some bloggy love!
I have received a couple awards from some of my peeps and I would like to respond to those awards.

The first one is the Versatile Blogger award which was given to me by Previously Plump, who is one of my favorites. She is so funny and so supportive and you should really get to know her. She has made excellent progress on her journey and has a lot of good info to share. Did I mention that she's funny?

Stephanie over at She's in There Somewhere also gave the same award to me. I'm just getting to know Stephanie and I heart her already. She has been very supportive and has made excellent progress so far on her own journey. You should check her out.

Mighty Midori Warrior is responsible for this next little cutie. I'm also just getting to know her and also heart her already. She is also someone you should check it if you don't know her already.

The rules for these awards have varied a little with each person. It's kinda like that telephone game where you start with "My dress is green" and end up with "This loser just stuck his tongue in my ear" or something.

So, I'm going to improvise a little and combine the rules for these awards. I'm going to tell you 10 things about myself that you may not already know. I'm then going to link you to 10 bloggers who are on their own weight loss journeys. Then, I'm going to let them choose which award(s) they would like and ask them to respond in kind by continuing to share the bloggy love.

Here we go...
1. I have never seen an entire episode of The Biggest Loser.
2. I have an aversion to beets simply because my mother used to can them. The stink that filled the house has turned me against them forever.
3. My favorite number is 12. I don't know why.
4. Hiccups (even other people's) make me giggle uncontrollably.
5. I am ticklish everywhere.
6. Cleaning relaxes me and helps me to de-stress when I have a lot of junk floating around my brain. Don't tell MB.
7. I am incapable of telling a joke.
8. My shyness and insecurity prevents me from being half as open in real life as I am here in bloggy land.
9. I am a cheapskate who will never turn down a free item, no matter where it came from. Blood stains and a chalk outline? That can be cleaned.
10. MB says that I snore and snort in my sleep, but I think he is a liar.

Do you feel like you've learned anything about me? I hope so.

Now, for 10 bloggers you should be following.
Since Previously Plump said these should be bloggers who I have recently discovered, most of them fall into that category. I have discovered a lot of bloggers recently and would like to send a little love their way.
There are others who I have followed (and sometimes lurked) for some time. I look to them for their wisdom and humor and inspiration.

They are all bloggers who have made excellent progress on their journeys and have a lot of information to share. They continue to inspire me to keep going when I am struggling. They motivate me to want to do better. They give me hope because I get to see what success looks like for them.
I may not always let them know, but they are all special to me in their own way.

Thank you to all of them for inspiring me and keeping me on my toes. Thank you to all my peeps for reading, commenting and supporting me on this journey. I am grateful to each and every one of you.

Shannon at Even a Pig Knows When They've Had Enough
Jennifer at Living a Changed Life
Julia at Jewlia Goulia
Jennifer at Weigh to Go
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Tricia at Endurance Isn't Only Physical
Traci at Traci's Treasures
Chibi at Chibi Jeebs and the Neurotic StruggleMrs Fatass at Did I Just Eat That Out Loud
Jack at Jack Sh*t Gettin Fit

Thanks again peeps. I heart you all. :)

Eats for Sunday 9/5

Daily points allowance: 25
Weekly points remaining: 15

*2nd shift again so I slept in. Again.
1 Arnolds thin multi grain, 2 pts - 23
1 serving peanut butter, 5 pts - 18
8oz fat free skim milk, 2 pts - 16
1 cup strawberries, 1 pt - 15
Yoplait vanilla light yogurt, 2 pts - 13

This is a lovely pic of my breakfast/lunch. You will notice the lump of peanut butter on the side of the plate. My Skye girl enjoys peanut butter just as much as I do and she always gets to share

See? It's like heaven to her.

1 cup each romaine and spinach with carrots, 0 pts - 13
1 hard boiled egg, 2 pts - 11
1 serving fat free feta cheese, 1 pt - 10
1 serving each bacon bits and croutons, 2 pts - 8
2 tbsps light caesar dressing, 2 pts - 6
1 yoplait light yogurt - Black Forest Cake flavor (yummy!), 2 pts - 4
6 16oz cups water with crystal light, 0 pts - 4

1 Edys fruit bar, 1 pt - 3

Total points used: 22
Weekly points remaining: 15
Fruit/veggie servings: 3
Water intake: 12
Exercise: none

Thought for the day:
My dog would lick peanut butter from the hand of a burglar who was carrying our big screen tv with all of our cash flowing out of his pockets as we were tied up in the corner witnessing her betrayal. That's true love, people.