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Eats for Friday 3/4/11

I got up this morning and I was craving bacon.

No, I'm not preggers. I just really like bacon.

Oh wait, that's pickles. Whatever.

So, I made bacon. I woke up kinda late, so it ended up being my breakfast and lunch. I snacked on some stuff later in the afternoon and then made jambalaya for dinner.

That jambalaya was 7 points per serving, which is not too bad. It's got andouille sausage, chicken, tomatoes, onion, mushroom and red pepper in it. You serve it over couscous. The recipe makes a huge amount.

I was perfectly content with my 7 point portion until I tasted it. It was delish and I had to have seconds.

Had I actually eaten something more substantial for lunch/mid afternoon snack, maybe I could've avoided that second serving.

It was totally worth it though. Yummy.

This love for food is why I'm still fat. (sigh)


Daily points allowance: 25
Weekly points remaining: 31
*Remember that I am using the old WW points system, not the new and improved one.

2 eggs (4) with fat free cheese (1), bacon (6), 11 pts - 14
2 clementines, 1 pt - 13
8oz diet v8 splash, 0 pts - 13

2 cheese sticks, 2 pts - 11
raisins, 2 pts - 9

jambalaya with couscous, 14 pts - 0/26
unsweetened iced tea, 0 pts - 0/26
2 clementines, 1 pt - 0/25

1 cup Edy's light ice cream, 2 pts - 0/23

Total points used: 33
Weekly points remaining: 23
Exercise: none
Fruits/veggies: 5
Water: 0

Thought for the day:
Edy's light ice cream is so good.

Eats for Thursday 3/3/11

There are exactly 114 steps from the parking garage to my office. I discovered this last night after using my pedometer for the first time in a really long time. The calories burned wasn't all that impressive, but that's okay.

I was going to wear my pedometer around the unit to see how many steps I took in the course of a shift. However, I didn't think it was appropriate considering the level of crises on the unit at the time. Psychotic patients might find a device attached to my belt to be slightly off-putting.

Especially if they believe that device to be sending them messages.

I stuck the pedometer in my purse and that was that.


Daily points allowance: 25
Weekly points: 35
*Remember that I am using the old WW points system, not the new and improved one.

1 serving Special K cereal (2) with fat free skim milk (2), 4 pts - 21

2 cups romaine and salad greens (0), 2 tbsps light pepper parmesan
dressing (2), bacon bits (1), fat free cheese (2), 5 pts - 16
sierra mist, 2 pts - 14

veggie straws, 6 pts - 8
WW ice cream, 3 pts - 5

leftover chicken chorizo etouffee with white rice, 6 pts - 0/34
32 oz water, 0 pts - 0/34
1 light yogurt, 2 pts - 0/32

1 WW fudge bar, 1 pt - 0/31

Total points used: 29
Weekly points remaining: 31
Exercise: none
Fruits/veggies: 2
Water: 4

Thought for the day:
Thank God my pedometer doesn't have a voice mode.

Eats for Wednesday 3/2/11

The start of another week of Fat Fighting!

I had every intention of making lunch today. Either my low cal recipe for couscous jambalaya or a nice bowl of WW baked potato soup.

But, nooooooo.

MB and I ran some errands and we happened to be near this little restaurant we love. It just so happens that this restaurant serves a chicken chorizo etouffee that is heavenly.

Seriously. The mere mention of it and I forgot what baked potato soup even was.

Hell, I forgot where I was and started drooling right then and there.

The etouffee itself is 12 points total. However, I can never finish it in one sitting. So, I end up with two 6 point portions. Not too bad.

Today, we ordered the guacamole as an appetizer. That isn't too bad either according to my WW points book.

The etouffee is also chocked full of veggies, which is good.

Yeah, I ate out. But, I made good choices and stayed within my points. Then, I came home and walked.

The week is off to a decent start.


Daily points allowance: 25
Weekly points: 35
*Remember that I am using the old WW points system, not the new and improved.

1 kaiser roll with olive oil spread, 5 pts - 20

1/2 plate of chicken chorizo etouffee with rice, 6 pts - 14
unsweetened iced tea, 0 pts - 14
tortilla chips, 3 pts - 11
guacamole, 1 pt - 10
salsa, 0 pts - 10

20 minute walk with the pup, +1 pt - 11

2 clementines, 1 pt - 10

2 cups romaine, 0 pts - 10
1/4 cup chicken, 1 pt - 9
1/4 cup fat free italian cheese, 2 pts - 7
bacon bits, 1 pt - 6
2 tbsp light pepper parmesan dressing, 2 pts - 4
1 light pineapple yogurt, 2 pts - 2
48 oz water with crystal light, 0 pts - 2

Total points used: 24
Weekly points remaining: 35
Exercise points earned: 1
Fruits/veggies: 4
Water: 6

Thought for the day:
That damn etouffee is so yummy.

Weigh in.

Weigh in day!
I gained 0.8 in the past two weeks. I think I can live with that.

My week wasn't too bad. I did drink a lot of beer this past week and ate out more than I had planned to. My exercise was minimal. I walked with the pup a few times but didn't do any Slim in 6.

I'm not sure why I've been lacking motivation with my exercise. I feel like crap. I feel like a fat whale every time I leave the house. I'm constantly tugging at my shirt, no matter which shirt I wear or how many layers of spanx I have on.

It's gross.

My plan this week is to just do it. If I just get my fat ass in there and do it a couple times, the motivation will come. I know it will.

The weather is nice, so walking the trails should be no problem. That's something I look forward to every spring. The pup gets excited too.

My eating for the week will be much better. I already have meals planned and have no intention of straying. Things happen, but I'm working all week and weekend and that should help cut down on the temptation.

So, how are you guys doing?