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Eats for Thursday 3/3/11

There are exactly 114 steps from the parking garage to my office. I discovered this last night after using my pedometer for the first time in a really long time. The calories burned wasn't all that impressive, but that's okay.

I was going to wear my pedometer around the unit to see how many steps I took in the course of a shift. However, I didn't think it was appropriate considering the level of crises on the unit at the time. Psychotic patients might find a device attached to my belt to be slightly off-putting.

Especially if they believe that device to be sending them messages.

I stuck the pedometer in my purse and that was that.


Daily points allowance: 25
Weekly points: 35
*Remember that I am using the old WW points system, not the new and improved one.

1 serving Special K cereal (2) with fat free skim milk (2), 4 pts - 21

2 cups romaine and salad greens (0), 2 tbsps light pepper parmesan
dressing (2), bacon bits (1), fat free cheese (2), 5 pts - 16
sierra mist, 2 pts - 14

veggie straws, 6 pts - 8
WW ice cream, 3 pts - 5

leftover chicken chorizo etouffee with white rice, 6 pts - 0/34
32 oz water, 0 pts - 0/34
1 light yogurt, 2 pts - 0/32

1 WW fudge bar, 1 pt - 0/31

Total points used: 29
Weekly points remaining: 31
Exercise: none
Fruits/veggies: 2
Water: 4

Thought for the day:
Thank God my pedometer doesn't have a voice mode.

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