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Eats for Friday 10/15/10

MB and I hadn't seen each other since Tuesday morning and wouldn't be seeing each other all weekend. After doing C25K, neither of us felt like cooking and we kinda needed some date night time. We tried to hit the Border Cafe, which we love, so we could get some chicken chorizo etouffee. Tried. They were super busy and neither of us felt like waiting for 45 minutes.
Chilis was right next door, so that's where we ended up.
I figured a pulled pork sandwich couldn't be that bad. Boy, was I wrong. 29 points!
You'd think I would know by now to check points before eating.
To make matters worse, MB and I decided to splurge and have blizzards.
I know. We are horrible people.
What can I say? We are weak.

Daily points allowance: 25
Weekly points remaining: 25.5

I slept in. There was no breakfast to be had. :)

1 multi grain sandwich thin, 2 pts - 23
1 serving peanut butter, 5 pts - 18
1 cheese stick, 2 pts - 16

1 apple, 2 pts - 14
1 cheese stick, 2 pts - 12

Day 8 of C25K, 45 minutes total, 20 heavy cardio, 20 moderate, +4 pts - 16

Pulled pork sandwich and french fries from Chilis, 29 pts - 0/12.5
unsweetened iced tea, 0 pts - 0/12.5

DQ blizzard, more points than I have left - 0!

Total points used: more than I have!
Weekly points remaining: Yeah right!
Points earned: 4
Fruit/veggies: 1
Water intake: 3

Thought for the day:
29 points for a freakin sandwich? Seriously?

Eats for Thursday 10/14/10

So, I wanted to add a little cardio to my weekly workout routine and tried some step aerobics. I had done it before after I got a step for $5 from a yard sale and a free step tape (yep, it was vhs) when I bought a pair of sneakers.
It was actually a cool workout, except for the super cheesy people on the tape. Ugh. The jokes they were making...brutal!
This time, I dvr'd a step workout from Fit tv. I start it up and after the first 5 steps, I find myself frozen. My feet had stopped moving because I couldn't figure out where the hell they were supposed to go! 5 steps in and I was completely lost.
Rewind. Let's try this again.
5 steps in and once again I'm frozen.
Screw this. I'm doing Slim in 6.
So, I did Ramp it Up, the 2nd level of the Slim in 6 program. Instead of doing the 3 minute squat segment though, I jogged around the family room for 3 minutes. Squats hurt my back and I figured 3 minutes of jogging would be good to prep me for my run the next day.
It confused the pup, but it was a good workout.

Daily points allowance: 25
Weekly points remaining: 25.5

1 fiber one bar, 1 pt - 24

Turkey chili with low fat cheese, 8 pts - 16
saltines, 2 pts - 14

1 cheese stick, 2 pts - 12

Slim in 6's Ramp it Up, +2 pts - 14

2 cups romaine, 0 pts - 14
1 serving low fat mozzarella, 2 pts - 12
1 1/2 tbsp bacon bits, 1 pt - 11
1 serving light caesar, 2 pts - 9

Total points used: 18
Total points earned: 2
Weekly points remaining: 25.5
Fruits/veggies: 2

Thought for the day:
Step aerobics is hard!

Eats for Wed 10/13/10

It was such a busy night in the crisis unit that I didn't get to eat my dinner until 9:30pm. Even then, I scarfed it down so quickly that it didn't satisfy me at all.
I had to have comfort food when I left, so I hit the Wendys drive through and got some fries and a frosty.
I know.
It's bad.
I don't how what else to say about it. It is what it is.

Daily points allowance: 25
Weekly points: 35

1 fiber one bar, 1 pt - 24

turkey chili with lowfat cheese, 8pts - 16
8oz fat free skim milk, 2 pts - 14

30g cheddar rice cakes, 2 pts - 12

2 cups romaine, 0 pts - 12
1/4 cup low fat mozzarella, 2 pts - 10
1 serving light caesar dressing, 2 pts - 8
1 1/2 tbsp bacon bits, 1 pt - 7
64oz water with crystal light, 0 pts - 7

french fries from Wendy's, 10pts - 0/32
coffee toffee Frosty, 6.5pts - 0/25.5

Total points used: 34.5
Weekly points remaining: 25.5
Fruit/veggie servings: 2
Water servings: 8

Thought for the day:
I can feel TOM approaching. Ugh.

Weigh in

Weigh in day again.

I maintained this week. That's okay, considering that I didn't track or count or measure a single thing for the past 4 days.

I'll take a maintenance weigh in. :)

MB and I did C25K again today and I sucked again today, just like I did on Saturday. I'm really struggling mentally with this whole running thing. I've had two bad days where I couldn't catch my breath and couldn't push through the pain. Now, I'm getting frustrated and upset and I want to quit.

Today was the day that we were supposed to do 1 90sec run and 2 3 minutes runs. I ran maybe a minute at the longest run. MB did them all. I tried, but I just couldn't push through it. Then, I started getting all frustrated that MB was going to be so far ahead of me in his progress and I would never catch up, so what's the point in even trying anymore...Yeah. That's how my brain works.

I don't want to quit. I want to do this. I know I can do this.

My plan right now is to incorporate some more cardio into my week, so maybe I can build up my stamina. I also want to incorporate some yoga into my daily routines to help with learning to control my breath.

MB and I will be doing the C25K 3 days a week. I will be doing cardio in the form of step aerobics, a hike on the trails or a bike ride 2 on my days off from C25K. On the
6th day, I will be doing yoga only with maybe a leisurely walk around the park or neighborhood.

This will allow me to increase my cardio and still have one day off to recuperate. I think it will help improve my running.

We are also sticking to the healthy eating. I'm going to the Farmer's Market tomorrow to stock up on fresh veggies and whatnot.

I'm really trying to stick with the C25K. I don't want to quit, but if I don't see some serious improvement, I know that I will.

Help me, peeps. I need your support and encouragement. I need to hear what motivates you to keep pushing yourself.
So tell do you keep yourself from giving up?

Updated eats

Sorry I haven't been checking in daily. MB and I went out of town this weekend for a wedding. I took Alfreda (my laptop), but didn't really have time to do a lot with her.

We spent the weekend in Pennsylvania. Considering the fact that we didn't plan a single meal or prepare a single meal, I think we did pretty well.

Friday, we hit the road right after I got off work. We snacked on some rice cakes while sitting in traffic. A lot of traffic. I was still hungry so I ate an apple that may or may not have had a worm in it.

Extra protein.

We stopped at Chick Fil A on the way up there. Then, we drank a lot of beer and snacked on some Honey Wheat pretzels while playing games until 4am.

Saturday, we found a little bistro and had Guiness onion soup. Yum. I also had an open faced crab melt with french fries and unsweetened iced tea.

After lunch, we decided to hit the local park and go for Day Six of C25K, especially after MB got some awesome running shoes for 1/2 off.

I have to tell you that I absolutely sucked. I was struggling right from the start. I couldn't catch my breath.
Usually I can push through that initial chest pain that hits me when I start running. That was not happening. I just couldn't push through it. I was stuck.
I know it was mental and I really tried to push myself and get past it, but I just couldn't.
We ended up walking most of the little trail, which was still good exercise.
I felt like a failure so I hit the hotel gym and did 10 minutes on the elliptical.
When my heart rate got up to 170, MB told me to stop. He said I had enough.
I agreed.

For dinner on Saturday, we had soup - scallop bisque. It was the best soup I've ever had. Sooo good.
That was followed by a salad with walnuts and some sort of vinagrette. The entree was sauteed skate wing over a pomme puree with cauliflower and artichoke hearts.
It was...meh.
The chocolate cake covered with a chocolate ganache more than made up for the meh meal.
Best cake ever.
I could've just had the soup and the cake and died a happy woman.


Sunday morning I ate scrambled eggs with salsa, bacon and home fries.

The wedding was Sunday afternoon. We had rice pilaf, asparagus, roasted potatoes and carved turkey breast with a light gravy.
And of course, wedding cake.
And a few beers. Really only two.
MB had quite a bit of Scotch, but neither of us got super drunk.

Today, MB and I had to eat out because we had nothing prepped in the fridge. We found a little take out Indian place. I got the chicken curry special and two vegetable samosas. There was enough to split it and have lunch and dinner.

Tomorrow is weigh in day and I don't really know what to expect. I would be okay with a gain, because we did spend the whole weekend on vacay.
I'm prepared for whatever the scale says.

See you tomorrow peeps.