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Eats for Thursday 10/14/10

So, I wanted to add a little cardio to my weekly workout routine and tried some step aerobics. I had done it before after I got a step for $5 from a yard sale and a free step tape (yep, it was vhs) when I bought a pair of sneakers.
It was actually a cool workout, except for the super cheesy people on the tape. Ugh. The jokes they were making...brutal!
This time, I dvr'd a step workout from Fit tv. I start it up and after the first 5 steps, I find myself frozen. My feet had stopped moving because I couldn't figure out where the hell they were supposed to go! 5 steps in and I was completely lost.
Rewind. Let's try this again.
5 steps in and once again I'm frozen.
Screw this. I'm doing Slim in 6.
So, I did Ramp it Up, the 2nd level of the Slim in 6 program. Instead of doing the 3 minute squat segment though, I jogged around the family room for 3 minutes. Squats hurt my back and I figured 3 minutes of jogging would be good to prep me for my run the next day.
It confused the pup, but it was a good workout.

Daily points allowance: 25
Weekly points remaining: 25.5

1 fiber one bar, 1 pt - 24

Turkey chili with low fat cheese, 8 pts - 16
saltines, 2 pts - 14

1 cheese stick, 2 pts - 12

Slim in 6's Ramp it Up, +2 pts - 14

2 cups romaine, 0 pts - 14
1 serving low fat mozzarella, 2 pts - 12
1 1/2 tbsp bacon bits, 1 pt - 11
1 serving light caesar, 2 pts - 9

Total points used: 18
Total points earned: 2
Weekly points remaining: 25.5
Fruits/veggies: 2

Thought for the day:
Step aerobics is hard!

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