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Eats for Wednesday 11/10

I spent the day slaving over the slow cooker (teeheehee). Actually, I rolled out of bed around 10am, remembering that I had wanted to make the slow cooker taco beef today and it takes 9 hours to cook so I had better get my lazy ass out of bed right now and get it started.
Then, I realized that I forgot to buy the white wine that I need for the recipe. The last time I tried to make this recipe I had forgotten to buy the white wine, cilantro, green onions and hot sauce. Pretty much everything but the meat.
So, I had to make an impromptu trip to the grocery store at 10am, which is not as embarrassing as you might think.
By dinnertime, MB and I were starving and the meat was nowhere near being done so we got takeout.
I am basically a poor planner. That's what MB kept telling me all day anyway. He's so supportive.

Daily points allowance: 24
Weekly points: 35

1 multi grain sandwich thin, 1 pt - 23
2 tbsps peanut butter, 5 pts - 18
8oz fat free skim milk, 2 pts - 16

small chicken breast with bbq sauce, 3 pts - 13
WW au gratin potatoes, 3 pts - 10
unsweetened iced tea, 0 pts - 10

1 stromboli, 8 pts - 2
french fries, 6 pts - 0/31
diet coke, 0 pts - 0/31

1 Edy's mini ice cream, 2 pts - 0/29

Total points used: 30
Weekly points remaining: 29
Fruit/veggie servings: 0
Water servings: 2

Thought for the day:
The liquor store really should sell 1 cup size bottles of white wine. You know, for 'recipes'.

weigh in

It's weigh in day once again!
Well, actually it was yesterday. I just didn't have a chance to post it yesterday. So, here I am today.

I lost 1.6 this week for a total loss of 13! Woohoo!

I had a pretty good week as far as my eating. MB and I did go out a couple times, but I counted my points for each meal. I tried to stick to my meal plan, and did okay with that. I will definitely do better this week. I hate spending money that we don't have so we can eat food we don't really need.

Anyweigh, my exercise was okay this week. MB and I were really struggling with our runs this week. We probably did half of what we were supposed to do each day.

MB is getting frustrated because he's kicking butt on the couch to 5k and his runs but he isn't losing any weight. I think it's because he isn't eating enough, especially of the right things. He has to eat out at work - we have accepted that in his life.

When he is home though, he often eats a healthy breakfast of oatmeal and fruit and then will either eat nothing all day long or just snack on stuff. He's definitely not getting what he needs.

I'm trying to be really supportive but I understand his frustration and his self confidence issues because I've been there. My plan is to keep making healthy meals for us to eat so we don't go out. I also plan on keeping us motivated with the running.

Hopefully, with some diet adjustments, MB will start to see a difference. We are in this together and I hate that he is not getting the results he wants.

Does anyone have any words of wisdom that I can share with him?

Meanwhile, my goals for the week:
*stick to my planned menu.
*have at least one serving of fruits or veggies with each meal.
*complete 25 minutes straight of running (that's a big one).
*do at least 2 days of Burn it Up.

Eats for Sunday 11/8

I cleaned out my closet today and pulled out my winter stuff for the year. Last year, I had a pretty big stack of clothes that just didn't quite fit. They were way too tight to wear and just remained in the crate for the whole season. This included some of the brand new sweaters I received as gifts.
I ended up wearing the same things over and over, mostly stuff that I could 'hide' in.
Today, when I tried on those sweaters, they fit! Yay!
Now, I still have a stack of sweaters and jeans and pants that don't fit. Of course, those are my size 10, 8 and 6 clothes and I will be in them again!
It feels really good to put clothes on and actually feel good about how they look. I'm not at my goal weight yet, but I'm getting there and it makes me feel really good about my self.

Daily points allowance: 24
Weekly points remaining: 21

1 whole grain sandwich thin, 1 pt - 23
peanut butter, 5 pts - 18
8oz fat free skim milk, 2 pts - 16

Kashi chocolate coconut bar, 2 pts - 14

1 chicken taco, 5 pts - 9
tortilla chips with ww cheese and salsa, 6 pts - 3
unsweetened iced tea, 0 pts - 3

leftover chicken chorizo ettouffee with rice, 6 pts - 0/18
unsweetened iced tea, 0 pts - 0/18

Total points used: 27
Weekly points remaining: 18
Fruit/veggies: 0
Water: 3

Thought for the day:
I feel like I have a whole new wardrobe!