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Eats for Wednesday 11/10

I spent the day slaving over the slow cooker (teeheehee). Actually, I rolled out of bed around 10am, remembering that I had wanted to make the slow cooker taco beef today and it takes 9 hours to cook so I had better get my lazy ass out of bed right now and get it started.
Then, I realized that I forgot to buy the white wine that I need for the recipe. The last time I tried to make this recipe I had forgotten to buy the white wine, cilantro, green onions and hot sauce. Pretty much everything but the meat.
So, I had to make an impromptu trip to the grocery store at 10am, which is not as embarrassing as you might think.
By dinnertime, MB and I were starving and the meat was nowhere near being done so we got takeout.
I am basically a poor planner. That's what MB kept telling me all day anyway. He's so supportive.

Daily points allowance: 24
Weekly points: 35

1 multi grain sandwich thin, 1 pt - 23
2 tbsps peanut butter, 5 pts - 18
8oz fat free skim milk, 2 pts - 16

small chicken breast with bbq sauce, 3 pts - 13
WW au gratin potatoes, 3 pts - 10
unsweetened iced tea, 0 pts - 10

1 stromboli, 8 pts - 2
french fries, 6 pts - 0/31
diet coke, 0 pts - 0/31

1 Edy's mini ice cream, 2 pts - 0/29

Total points used: 30
Weekly points remaining: 29
Fruit/veggie servings: 0
Water servings: 2

Thought for the day:
The liquor store really should sell 1 cup size bottles of white wine. You know, for 'recipes'.

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