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Remember when I used to come here everyday and post my eats?
Yeah. It's been a couple days.

Family issues had me busy. Things are better now and I'm back.
Thanks for all the supportive comments. I heart you all. :)

So, I really can't remember what I ate at the start of my week. I know I hit the McDonald's drive through one day because my parents had nothing in their house and that was convenient. I also know there was Indian food (isn't there always?).

I also know that when I weighed in on Wednesday, I had lost a pound. Woohoo! It wasn't my official weigh in, but it still counts.

You know, some people may be reading this and they may be having some doubts about what the heck I'm doing here.
I don't blame you. I haven't really been doing well at this whole BLitz thing for the past several weeks. I really struggled over the holidays. I feel like I've been struggling ever since.

However, I do still want this. I am tired of being fat, feeling fat, looking get the idea.

Don't give up on me, peeps. I'm not giving up on myself.

I'll be back in a bit to update my eats.


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