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Cupcake induced psychosis, vain canines and a little exposure.

Holy cannolis! I've been slacking on my tracking!

I've had a really rough couple of weeks, mainly due to some serious dental pain.

It's pretty much made me miserable. I haven't been able to do anything because I've been grumpy, in pain and just all over sucktastic. No exercise. No chores. No nothing. The only up side was that I couldn't eat without severe pain, resulting in a loss.

I'm down 2.6 pounds!

I'm so excited. It was almost worth all the pain and suffering.

So, anyweigh, my teefers are all better and I can get back to the BLitz. I'm making my grocery list and menu tonight along with an exercise schedule that works around my work schedule.

I've got 4 weeks until I go in for my wedding dress alteration appointment.
4 weeks. I can totally do this.

Oh yeah...remember how I mentioned progress pics? Well, (gulp) here they are...

These are post-workout pics so I'm extra sweaty.

You're welcome.

I have to tell you that these were difficult pictures to take. I've made an art of avoiding mirrors and operating under the delusion that I'm not as fat as I think I am.

I feel good in my skin most of the time. Until I look in the mirror or someone takes a picture of me or someone makes a comment, or...well, you get it. Especially if you've lived it. You get it.

It's funny though. I'm not completely disgusted by these pictures.

Maybe it's wisdom that comes with age. Maybe it's psychosis caused by too much cupcake intake. I don't know.

I just know that instead of sobbing in a corner with a bottle of whiskey, I am able to maintain some composure and look at these pictures objectively. I can look at my problem areas (the protruding gut and the broad man shoulders) and realize what I need to do to attack them. I'm able to focus on how my body will be after I stick with the BLitz.

I'm also able to recognize the fact that I'm not nearly as hideous and disgusting as I think I am. Isn't that always the case, though? Aren't we always our worst critics?

Or is it just me?

To counteract the image of my protruding gut, please enjoy the little face of my Siberian Princess...

She just can't stand to be left out.

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