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Checking in.

Hi peeps!

I'm on vacay until Sunday. That means I'm at the beach, enjoying some sunshine and whatnot. I'm staying with the parental units and can only sneak onto the computer at certain times.


I'm not tracking a damn thing!
Probably not a good idea, but see my previous posts for further explanation.

I am facing a lot of temptation and I'm seriously struggling due to TOM. The combination of TOM and The Feeder (aka my mother) is bad.

I entered her house on Wednesday to find that she had stocked up on all kinds of snacks. Not a single one healthy.
Cookies. Cookies. Doritos. Cookies. Chips.

She also made a cake.


Weigh in day may be a little troublesome for me.

Hope you are all doing well.

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  1. Oh dear. I know a feeder like that. Sending a ton of positive vibes your way!