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Updating my eats.

Hey peeps.

Remember how I said I was going to be on here tracking every day this week?
That didn't happen, as you may have noticed.

I found myself in a sort of sloth this week, interrupted by brief periods of socializing and drinking. And eating. There was lots of eating.

You see, I've worked all the major holidays this year. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Eve and today, New Year's Day.

That has left me in a little bit of a funk. During my four days off this week (they were my present to myself), I sorta hibernated. If I wasn't required to be working right now, I'd still be hibernating.

Anyway, the eats.

Monday wasn't too bad. I don't really remember what we ate. I know that I went grocery shopping and restocked my fridge with healthy stuff.

Tuesday was my birthday! Woohoo! MB and I went to Red Robin for lunch where I had a burger, fries and a chocolate malt. It's required on your birthday.

Tuesday night, we went out for the 2nd Annual Hey You Stole My Birthday Bar Crawl. Named such because MB and I share the same birthday. We drank with friends at our house, then found our way to a couple local bars and drank some more. We ate fries at one place. I also ate cupcakes that I had made. Only a couple.

Wednesday, I went to happy hour with some work friends and drank a couple beers ($1 beers) and munched on some delicious appetizers (1/2 price apps). Not too many though.
For dinner, MB and I were treated to a gift certificate at the fondue place we love. We indulged in a late dinner with a fondue cheese course, nicoise salad, fondue main course including lobster tail, duck, chicken, peppercorn steak and another type of beef along with some veggies. The dessert course was a fondue creme brulee made of white chocolate with all kinds of sweet treats to dunk.

Thursday, I don't remember what we ate. Honestly.

Friday, I think I made a couple kaiser roll pizzas for lunch and some pasta with spinach and ground turkey for dinner.

Today, I had 2 mini whole wheat bagels for lunch with a navel orange. I had 3 homemade crab cakes and 1 cup broccoli with cheese for lunch. For dinner, I plan to have more of that pasta with spinach and ground turkey.

I haven't eaten too badly this week, but I am not where I want to be. I'm getting there though. I think all the holiday outings are over and it's back to real life. This means, I can focus on getting back on track without so many distractions.

I'm ready. Maybe later, I'll come back on here and talk about my goals for 2011. This is getting kinda long though.

Happy New Year to you all!

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  1. I think most of us are glad that the holidays are over. (I know I am!) It's so hard to stay focused during that time, but now we have a new year in front of us, full of possibilities! I hope it's a spectacular one for you, hon! Oh, and happy belated birthday! *HUGS*