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weigh in

Weigh in day.

I really wasn't going to weigh in today. It's been a holiday full of food and booze and really poor tracking. I know this has been the case for a lot of my fellow fat fighters out there.

Plus, it's my birthday today (YAY!) and I didn't want to have a gain ruin my birthday fun.

But, for some reason, I decided to get on the scale anyway.

You know what happened? A birthday miracle!

I lost 1 pound. Happy Birthday to Me!! Woohoo!

Not sure that I deserve to see that loss, because I really haven't stepped it up. I have been more conscious of what I'm eating this week, but I've still been eating a lot of leftover party food and whatnot.

It's okay though. All the party food is gone now and I actually went to the grocery store. There is actually healthy food in my house. Yay!

There will still be some diet debauchery though. I absolutely do not intend on tracking, counting points or doing any exercise other than walking from bar to bar on my birthday.

Tomorrow, I have a happy hour with my work peeps. Then, MB and I will be dining out thanks to his Mom's generosity. We are going to a fondue restaurant and again, there will be no tracking, etc. Okay, I may track. But, my focus will be on having fun, recovering from my birthday hangover and just enjoying some time out with friends.

My goals for the week are to get the heck back on track. I have meals planned (after tomorrow's outings of course) and I have the desire to feel less fat again.

The BLitz has been on a little Christmas vacation, but it's back on now.

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  1. Awesomeness! Congratulations and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :) Have fun tomorrow!