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Eats for Thursday 12/23 and Friday 12/24

I think my fridge is finally clear of all party foods. Thank God.

MB and I had a date day at the DMV on Thursday which included subs from one of our favorite sub shops. It was a nice little lunch date. Totally worth the points.

On Friday, I found myself traveling to my cousin's house for Christmas Eve dinner. Since there is no food in the house right now, I had to stop and grab lunch on the way down. Wendy's was convenient.

For big dinners, my family always has way too much food. My cousin didn't disappoint. I managed to limit my dinner to one plateful, which is pretty good. I also managed to skip the gravy and make sure the largest side on my plate was the broccoli casserole. It had cheese in it, but it was still the healthiest thing on the table. God bless my cousin's wife for making it every year! And for having a super adorable daughter with super curly hair that is just precious.

I skipped dessert at my cousin's house also. Yeah, you read that correctly. I sat in front of a chocolate cake, carrot cake and pumpkin pie and I resisted. I'm pretty sure that makes me some sort of bionic fat fighting super hero.

Anyway, my eats aren't that good, but it's the holidays and I'm cutting myself some slack. At least I'm tracking. That's something.

Daily points allowance: 25
Weekly points remaining: 30

Thursday breakfast:
semi stale crackers eaten for the sole purpose of not passing out at the DMV,
3 points - 22

Thursday lunch:
1 roast pork sub with broccoli rabe, 12 points - 10
1 cup broccoli rabe, 0 points - 10
1 unsweetened iced tea, 0 points - 10

Thursday snack:
1 large and very delicious orange, 1 point - 9

Thursday dinner:
1 slice french bread cheese pizza, 7 points - 2
veggies with light ranch dip, 1 point - 1
water with crystal light, 0 points - 1

Total points used: 24
Weekly points remaining: 30
Fruits/veggies: 3
Water: 4 glasses
Exercise: Walked the pup for 20 minutes.

Friday breakfast:
I slept in yet again. Night shift does that to me.

Friday lunch:
Wendy's chicken nuggets and french fries, 16 points - 8
diet soda, 0 points - 8

Friday dinner:
1 plateful of a traditional Maryland Eastern Shore Family Dinner, minus
most of the really bad stuff, 20 points - 0/23
*specifically: turkey, ham, mac and cheese, corn pudding, broccoli
casserole and 1 sweet potato.

Friday snack:
crackers and cheese, 6 points - 0/17

Total points used: 43 (ugh)
Weekly points remaining: 17
Fruits/veggies: 1
Water: 1
Exercise: none

Thought for the Day:
Imagine how high my points would've been if I caved and had dessert after dinner.

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  1. I hope you and yours have had a wonderful Christmas! *Hugs*