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Day One. Deja vu Edition.

The last several posts are all lamentations on how fat I feel and how I'm tired of it and how I'm ready to change.  But, no change ever happens.

So, there's that.

For the past 2 and a half years, I've been talking the talk but not walking the walk.

My goal, this time, is to start walking the walk.  I plan to come on here 5 days a week and document my walk.  What I'm eating.  What I'm doing to be healthier.  How that's making me feel.

That's it.  Plain and simple.

Shall we begin?

Today was not off to a great start.  I awoke with a migraine and a lot of nausea.  Breakfast was a ginger ale and 2 slices of toast.  Lunch was 4 whole wheat waffles with 2 tbsps of butter and some low calorie syrup.

I'm not sure what dinner will be.  I have a fairly busy afternoon ahead of me and might end up eating out because I may not have time to prepare anything.  It's just the reality of the day.

I plan to snack on an apple while I take the little dog to the vet.  Weather and time permitting, I may also take both dogs for a walk around the neighborhood.

That's today.

Tomorrow will be better.

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