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Weigh in

It's that time again.
I'm happy to say that I lost 2.2 this week, putting me back at 195.2. This was my weight prior to vacation week. So, I actually just lost the weight I had gained while on vacation.
I'm okay with that. I expected a gain while on vacation and expected to be losing that gain this week. I was kinda hoping to lose more than that though.
I know that I have been struggling this week - not tracking daily, not saying no, not really feeling motivated.
My biggest obstacle is support. There is a strong support network here on the interwebs and I love that (thank you, peeps). However, there isn't a really strong support system in my actual life.
I've tried connecting with the people in my life who are on their own weight loss journeys. Seems reasonable, right? Not so much. They all seem to be in it for themselves. Which I totally get. However, I need to move on. Selfish doesn't work for me in this process. I need to find people in my life who will actually be supportive. This may take awhile.
Maybe it's just me. I'm not feeling the love.
So, do you have similar woes? Do you have negative people in your life and how do you deal with it?

Anyweigh, onward and downward.
This week, I commit to:
1. Tracking daily here on the BLitz.
2. Sticking to my points values.
3. 5 servings of fruits and veggies daily.
4. 3 days of Slim in 6 or Body Ball workouts.

I know I can do this. I know we can all do this.
So, how are you doing this week?

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