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Weigh in!

It's that time again!
Actually that time was yesterday but I'm posting it today.
I'm 1.2 pounds lighter this week! Yay! 6.8 pounds overall! Yay!

I feel pretty good about that. I think I ate well this past week, with the obvious exception of the Red Robin debauchery. It happens. That burger was worth it!

So, I didn't get much exercise in and I'm disappointed by that. My body is starting to feel the effects. I'm cracking and popping all the time. My neck and back (and even my butt) are all tight. I'm in desperate need of some yoga therapy!

I will be on track for the rest of the week. My meals are planned, fridge is stocked and I'm ready to go. I do have a wedding to attend on Saturday, but I should still be okay. It's open bar though. Pray for me peeps. I may need it!

I have a funny weight related story to share about my visit to the lady doctor. Stop by Girly Bitz later today to check it out.
I'm off to see how you guys did this week and catch up on my bloggy love.


  1. WAHOO! Wicked news :)

    Weddings with open bar = all bets off for me. It's days like those that I don't care about the calories - I drink until my hearts content, which ususally ends with me passing out on the ride home and PJ has to fight with me to get out of the car once we reach our house... If I were him, I would just let me sleep in the car..?

  2. Congratulations! That is so awesome!! I look forward to keeping up with your progress. Thank you for visiting my blog. :)

  3. Great job. It seems so slow (I know) but stay the course you're doing great!!