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Weigh in.

Let's just get right to the good stuff, shall we?

Today's weigh in: 191.6 :)
I'm down 1.6 from last week and 9.4 overall!

I have to say I'm really happy with those results. I know that I'll reach 10 pounds lost by next weigh in. I know it!

I may have gotten there this week if it hadn't been for the 29 point sandwich at Chili's and the blizzard at DQ. If I can avoid those temptations this week, I'll be just fine.

Lori left me a very helpful comment too (Thanks Lori!) about my daily points. I sometimes eat way less points than I'm supposed to for the day. Sometimes it's poor planning. Sometimes it's because I'm just not hungry.

I know I need to work on this though. I need to make an effort to eat all my points and really eat healthy foods that are going to help fuel me for running. That's my project for the week - planning healthy, filling meals that insure my body is getting what it needs.

Yesterday, I made up an exercise plan for myself. I will continue doing the C25K three days a week. In order to help beef up my cardio and my endurance, I will be incorporating step aerobics on the off days. I will have one day 'off' where I will do something active, but fun. This may include hiking with the pup or yoga or biking. Something low key, but still active.

I've kinda been struggling mentally with the C25K program. Go here to read more about that and offer me some much needed encouragement. It would be appreciated.

So, I plan on returning here next week with another loss that puts me at my 10 pound mark.

How are you guys doing? I'll be stopping by to check in with everyone.

Thanks to all of you for your comments! I really appreciate all the feedback. :)


  1. Woo hoo! Congrats on the loss, love! :)

  2. Congrats on the loss this week! ;)

  3. Okay, I just read about your C25K struggles on your other blog. I want to say you can do it, but I can't. The reason is this: not everyone is a runner. Not everyone who sets out to finish the program will complete it. However, if you WANT to finish the program, you can definitely finish the program, even if you don't plan to stick with running in the long term.

    I think running is hard and I have been at it for nearly 8 months. But I have always wanted to be a runner, I have always admired runners, I have always wanted to cross those finish lines. So, look at what you want to do and if you want to finish the C25K program, you will. It might not be easy, but you CAN do it. And you can even run a 5K race. But only if you want to.

    If running isn't for you, find something that is because if you don't like it and it's not fun, you won't want to do it.

    Walking is great exercise too. :)