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Eats for Saturday 10/16/10

I was on my own for dinner tonight since MB was away for training. In the past, this has meant that I would 'sneak' off to Taco Bell or get a stromboli or some sort of caloric monstrosity.
I was very tempted to go to the take out Indian place and get some yummy vegetable samosas, but I didn't feel like putting pants on. So, I sucked it up and made some risotto with what I thought was chorizo. Apparently I defrosted the wrong sausage and ended up with sweet italian sausage. It was still good.
The craving for Indian food hasn't gone away though.
The buffet may be in my future.

Daily points allowance: 25
Weekly points remaining: 0

1 packet apple cranberry almond oatmeal, 2 pts - 23

2 cups romaine with 1 tbsp shaved cheese, 1 pt - 22
1 1/2 tbsp bacon bits, 1 pt - 21
1 serving light caesar dressing, 2 pts - 19
48 oz water with crystal light, 0 pts - 19

1 fiber one bar, 1 pt - 18

1 cup risotto with mushrooms, garlic and 1/2 link sausage, 12 pts - 6
1 cup sauteed cabbage with garlic and spices, 0 pts - 6
unsweetened iced tea, 0 pts - 6

Total points used: 19
Fruit/veggies: 3
Water: 7
Weekly points remaining: 0

Thought for the day:
Always label the freezer bags before you put them away.


  1. Hi there! I notice that you often eat less than your DPA. Your DPA is 25 and on this day you ate 19? I know sometimes you go might over, but it seems like often your "on plan days" are under your DPA. I might suggest to always eat at least the minimum points for the day. This is healthiest for you. Just a thought, for what it's worth.

  2. I LOVE Indian Food... so so so *mouth watering* good.