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Eats for Wed 10/20 - Fri 10/22

Yeah. I've been slacking.
You can pretty much blame TOM for that. He officially stopped by on Thursday but he's been making his presence known all week.
I've been grumpy and schlumpy (it's a word) and just generally icky. I've been in bed by 9pm every night and I haven't been trying to plan meals and stick to the points like I said I was going to. The first day was pretty good, but it's been downhill since then.
The exercise has been okay though. We did Day 11 of C25K on Thursday. TOM actually made me want to curl up on the sidewalk in a ball of tears and quit. The first running segment was okay. I walked most of the second running segment. MB pushed me out of my funk and I was able to run the full 3 minute segment and then a straight 4 1/2 minutes of the 5 minute segment.
That's the most I've run at one time so far! Woohoo!
I still felt pretty sucky, but I did it.
So, on with the eats. I'll spare you the lengthy, detailed rundown of every single bite I ate. I wrote it all down separately so you can just get the quick, condensed version.
You're welcome.

Wednesday 10/20 -
Total points eaten: 14 out of my 25 daily allowance.
Exercise points earned: 4 - I did 20 minutes of Burn it Up and also cleaned the

Thursday 10/21 -
Total points eaten: 22 out of my 25 daily allowance.
Exercise points earned: 4 - Day 11 of C25K!

Friday 10/22 -
Total points eaten: 20 out of my 25 daily allowance.
Exercise points earned: 2 - Skye and I hiked the trail.

So, as of Friday, I have all of my weekly points intact. As you can see, I have not been eating all of my daily points. That is what I was supposed to be working on this week, but obviously I haven't.
Now that I've taken the time to tally things up, I will be paying more attention to what I'm eating.
Having said that, I hope you all will forgive me for the cupcakes I may or may not have consumed today.
See you tomorrow for the full shameful report.

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