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Weigh in

It's that time again.
I lost .2 of the 1.2 pounds I had gained last week. I can live with that.

My goals for the week were to stay on track with my meals, run at least twice and do Burn it Up at least twice.

I did run twice. Once with the pup and once solo. They weren't great runs though and I know I can do better. I also did Burn it Up once.

I'm not sure where my motivation went over the past two weeks. I think it's been a combination of stress, a super long visit from TOM and the fact that MB is out of commission as my running partner. Plus, the cold weather makes me want to hibernate.

I will really need to fight these obstacles in order to get back on track and keep losing. I'm still feeling pretty good about my progress overall. In fact, I just bought some new (to me) jeans that are a size 12! Woohoo! You can check them out here.

I will get back on track this week. I will be challenged by Thanksgiving, but I will still get back on track. I want this. I want to be looking really good for my birthday this year. That gives me 35 days. Hopefully, I'll be able to wear my size 10 jeans when I go out and booze it up this year. I think I can do it.

I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving! That is, if you are celebrating. If you aren't, then I hope you have a Happy Thursday!

I'll be stopping by to see how everyone is doing.

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