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Eats for Thursday 1/6/11

So, I tried to sleep in today so as to knock the plague out of my system before it takes over. My pup had different plans. She wanted to go play outside. It's her thing. When it's super cold outside, she likes to go run around outside and explore the yard. I had already let her out to pee so when she came and shoved her wet nose into my sleeping face, I knew it was to go out and play.
I tried to put her off as long as I could. Telling her 'NO' and 'Mommy's sick' but it was useless. She kept running from the sliding glass door through the house and back to my face, with her little toenails tapping on the floor the whole time. Then she would pounce on my face as I kept ignoring her to really make her point. I finally had to get up because I thought she might pounce me to death.
Plus, who can resist this face?

That wasn't about my eats at all. They were....meh. I'll do better tomorrow.

Daily points allowance: 25
Weekly points remaining: 32
*Remember I am using the old points plan.

1 whole wheat mini bagel, 2 pts - 23
2 tbsps whipped cream cheese, 2 pts - 21
1 glass diet 7up, 0 pts - 21

leftover pizza, 12 pts - 9
diet 7up, 0 pts - 9

1 navel orange, 1 pt - 8
96oz water with crystal light, 0 pts - 8

pasta with ground turkey, spinach, tomatoes and garlic, 8 pts - 0

Total points used: 25
Weekly points remaining: 32
Water: 12 servings
Fruit/veggies: 1
Exercise: none

Thought for the Day:
I do love that little face.


  1. Some days are like thing about tomorrow is that it is tomorrow...get to start all over with the 'eats'.

    And your pup is sweet! Mine dog loves the cold weather as well. Its a struggle to get her back in the house. I have to wear 10 thousand layers and my teeth still chatter and she's laying in the yard as though it were the beach and she was tanning.