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Checking in

I'm still here! Doing pretty good with my goals, just busy.

I have eaten out a few times because our fridge is still broken and I'm reluctant to spend money on groceries that are just going to be too frozen to use. We are working on that though.

MB and I hit the trails once this week. I haven't done Slim in 6 yet, but I did enough spring cleaning today to make up for it.

I'm not sure what the scale is going to say this week. I fear there will be a gain. If there is, it will be my own fault.

Broken fridge or not, it's been my choice to eat out when I have. I could have run to the grocery store to buy fresh ingredients and make dinner just as easily as I ran to pick up subs or took MB out to dinner.

My choices will wreak their havoc on Tuesday and I will deal with it. I'm still in this, even though I've hit a roadblock.

Onward and Downward. :)

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