Come visit me at Girly Bitz. It's my other interweb hangout.

Hi. (sniffle, sniffle, hack)

I'm seriously hoping that all of this icky stuff I'm blowing out of my nose adds up to at least a pound lost at weigh in.

Too much information?

I apologize. But, this has been my life for the past few days. I didn't think I could blow my nose as much as I have.

I'm thoroughly fed up with the whole phlegmy mess.

Once all this crap has been expelled from my nose, I should be in more of a BLitzy kind of mood.

Also, our new fridge will be here Monday! Woohoo!

(pause to cough and blow my nose for the 78th time today)

Hope you are all having a good weekend.

I'm going over to the Bitz to chat and then I'm going to go blow my nose approximately 93 more times.

Later, peeps.

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