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Eats for Wednesday 5/25/11

It's been an interesting day for me today. I'm coming off the high of buying a wedding dress yesterday! Yay!

It's currently hanging in my spare room, next to the scale. Smart thinking, huh? I have to get alterations done once I slim down a little more. It's excellent motivation for me though!

Eats were pretty good today. Bagel with cream cheese and 1 cup watermelon for breakfast. Salad with almonds, oranges and sesame dressing. I only ate half of it though because I found a bug in my lettuce. Ewww. Banana cream pie lowfat yogurt and some pretzels topped off my lunch.

I ate a fiber one bar before going running with MB. Then, I had a tuna sub for dinner. I drank plenty of water today, along with some unsweetened iced tea. Not too bad for a day's eats.

Tomorrow will be better. I'll be hitting the grocery store and the local produce stand for some fresh, healthy stuff.

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