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Remember me?

Hey there! How are you?

Good, I hope.

I've been a little awol lately. Things are very hectic for me right now. I'm dealing with wedding nonsense and drama and work and all the usual stuff too.

As you already know, I haven't been posting my eats. I have been doing well though. I've eaten out a few times, but have really watched my portions and have stopped when I'm satisfied.

Except for the other night at The Melting Pot, the fondue restaurant. I did well until the dessert course. I couldn't stop dipping stuff in chocolate! MB pretty much rolled me out of there that night.

Also, I seem to have lost my favorite ring and I have a slightly metallic taste in my mouth. Weird.

So, MB and I have been sticking to the Couch to 5K and doing well. This will be week 3. We are feeling better. I think we are looking better.

According to the scale, I gained .6 this week. I'm okay with that. I feel really good and I can tell that I'm toning up again due to the C25K.

I'm feeling really good about my path. I'm not sure if I'll be able to keep up with the regular posting, but I'm going to try. I'm going to make it part of my daily routine and see if that helps.

I hope to catch up with everyone soon, but I make no promises. I feel like I have no time at the moment. I promise to try though.

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