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Updated eats

Okay. Okay. So, I haven't been posting my daily eats for the past couple days. It's just been a busy week for us again. I've been on day shift this week and then we've had stuff to do all week.

Wednesday, I worked and then MB and I did Day Two of the Couch to 5K. We kicked ass yet again! I was in absolutely no mood to get my fat ass out there because I had a stressful day at work and was just in a grumpy funk. MB made me get out there and of course, I felt much better afterward.

We had friends over Wednesday night and planned on making Tandoori Chicken with sauteed brussels sprouts and some sort of rice. However, I failed to take the chicken out early enough and it was still frozen.

Off to the local pub, we went. We walked there, which is really good. I had some sweet potato fries and a creole meatloaf, which was super good. Of course, I also had a cider beer and a slice of the berry covered angel food cake my friend made.

I wasn't counting points, but I was watching what I ate. I didn't stuff myself. I ate until I felt satisfied and then put the fork down.

Thursday was a quiet day at work. I had a bagel for breakfast. I had 1/2 cup pasta with 1 cup broccoli rabe for lunch. For dinner, MB and I were going to go to the bar and play trivia and eat. The goal was to meet up with our favorite dj to discuss wedding stuff. However, she was not there and the food there was not good enough to stay.

So, we went to another place where I had 1/2 portion of chicken chorizo etouffee and some chips and salsa. Not too bad. I wanted ice cream and was tempted to ask MB to hit the DQ for a blizzard. Instead, I ate a WW ice cream bar and was satisfied with that.

The pup and I also went to the trails and walked for 45 minutes. It was a nice brisk walk, except for the 27 times she stopped to sniff and/or eat something on the side of the trail. Still, I worked up a sweat and that's good.

I have my Maid of Honor coming up today and I'm sure we will go out to eat. I don't know what else we will get into. MB and I will be doing Day Three of C25K today at some point. I'm also doing yoga, because things are really tight and that's not good.

So, I feel good about my week so far. How are you doing?

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