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Weigh in and whatnot.

Weigh in day!
193.2. Woohoo!
I've lost 1 pound this week, 7.8 total. I have 33.2 pounds to go to meet my desired goal of 160 and look stunning in a wedding gown.

Now that we are finally and officially getting hitched, the reality of stuffing my fat ass into a gown is slapping me in my chubby cheeks. I don't want a sausage casing dress. I want to look...stunning.

Good motivation, right?

I had a pretty good weekend. I was so busy running around and doing stuff that food became sort of an afterthought. While doing stuff, I'd all of a sudden be hungry and it would just hit me. "Oh yeah. I should probably eat something."

You can read about my outings and adventures at the Bitz. This site is really more about the food anyway.

Saturday was okay. I ate fast food on the way down to my family's place because it was easy. Chicken nuggets and fries from Wendy's were easy to eat while driving. The pup also enjoyed them from her perch in the back seat.

Saturday dinner was a cobb salad at Bob Evans along with a cup of baked potato soup. Mom and I also had cake. It happens.

Sunday, I ate breakfast out with the family. I chose eggs and scrapple with home fries over the sausage gravy that I really wanted. I heart a good sausage gravy. It is so delish.

Sunday afternoon, Mom and I had gourmet cupcakes. I ended up getting a repeat of my Saturday driving meal while driving home Sunday because I hadn't eaten anything before leaving and was famished. When I got home, MB and I got blizzards from DQ.

It wasn't the best weekend for eats but I was pretty active, so I guess it worked out.

Yesterday, MB and I restarted the Couch to 5K! I'll post more about that later. It's worthy of it's own post because it's truly an occasion. :)

Goals for this week:
*Plan meals and stick to them!
*Exercise! Couch to 5K Wednesday and either Friday or Sunday.
Slim in 6 or walk the trails and yoga tonight, Thursday and Saturday.
*Find some freakin fresh strawberries! I need my fix! Grocery store berries are
just not cutting it!

So, I have a one pound loss under my belt, a new found motivation to make this work and a very successful first day of C25K Part II to help get me going. Not bad.

How was your week?

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  1. Girl, I'm getting married on August 5th and I'm super stressed about looking like a fat bride! I'm more worried about the arms and back fat since I'll have a "flowy" dress... Congrats on your weight loss and yes, I am stalking your TWO blogs!