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Friday May 21,2010

My challenge today: baking cookies. I promised to bake some for a friend's engagement party and spent the morning baking up some delicious Lemon Cake Cookies as well as the dough for my famous Chocolate Chip cookies. When I go home tonight, I will be baking those as I didn't have time to do it today before work.
I am proud to say that I only sampled one Lemon Cake Cookie and only 2 cookie sized wads of Chocolate Chip Cookie dough.
I'm pretty impressed with myself.
MB and I grilled some Tandoori Chicken today for lunch and it was yummy. You can get the recipe here .
Due to my baking all morning, I didn't do a very good job of planning my dinner for tonight. That's why there are more snacks than anything else where there should be dinner. Fat Club Fail. (sigh) I am HUNGRY right now. If I am still hungry when I leave work, I will munch on a salad or an apple instead of binging on cookies. No matter how great the temptation.
Fat Club Swear. :)

Daily Points Allowance: 25

1 serving (3/4 cup) Honey Nut Cheerios, 2 points - 23
8 oz skim milk, 2 points - 21

1 Lemon Cake Cookie, 3 points - 18
2 cookie sized wads of chocolate chip cookie dough (Mmmmmm), 8 points - 10

4 oz chicken breast, no skin but with bone, 3 points - 7
Tandoori spices and marinade, 1 point - 6
1 serving (1 cup) Indian Lentil Vegetable Stew, 3 points - 3

1 cup baby carrots, 0 points - 3
1 cup broccoli, 0 points - 3
1 tbsp light ranch veggie dip, 1 point - 2
2 servings (30g) cheddar rice cakes, 4 points - 0/33
1 Fiber One chocolate peanut butter bar, 1 point - 0/32
1 Yoplait Light yogurt pineapple upside down cake flavor(Mmm), 2 points - 0/30

Total Daily points used: 25
Weekly flex points used: 5, leaving me 30 for the rest of the week
Total fruit/veggie servings: 3
Total water intake: 5 glasses

Update: I was so HUNGRY when I came home, I had to eat due to my Fat Club Fail of not planning/eating a proper dinner. The second rule of Fat Club, after all, is not to miss a meal.
1 slice Arnold's country white bread, 2 points - 0/28
1 tbsp peanut butter, 2.5 points - 0/25.5
8 oz skim milk, 2 points - 0/23.5


  1. That's not THAT bad! I was expecting something like you eating ALLLLL the cookies or something! Not that I think that's something YOU would do: that's just the worst thing I could think of. I swear.

    Okay. Going to find a way to cram my other foot in my mouth now. Hopefully it will involve my overuse of the word "something." Geesh.

  2. For some reason, this comment did not show up in my email. Blogger fail. Otherwise, I would've responded by now.

    You are cracking me up, Chibi! I am not offended that you would think I could eat ALLLL the cookies. I totally could. That's 90% of my problem. Lol.

    Hey, thanks for stopping by! :) Glad to see you.