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Vacation is over.

Hi peeps!
I'm back from vacation. I just spent a week at the beach with family and friends and I am completely de-stressed.
If you have never been to the Eastern Shore of Maryland, you have to know that temptation is everywhere. The seafood is to die for. Most things come with cheese and gravy and just about everything tastes better with a nice cold beer.
For example, this is one of the menu items of my favorite hangout down there:

That is a Crab Club. It's a fried crab cake and a fried soft shell crab stacked club style with lettuce, tomato, mayo and of course, bacon.
I did not partake of this heavenly sandwich but MB did.

Here's what I did partake of during my week of vacation -
Monday - tacos for lunch
- hot dogs on the beach for dinner.
Tuesday - fiber one bar for breakfast
- crab dip with a salad and 1 light beer for lunch
- crab cake and 8oz sirloin with salad and garlic potatoes for dinner with
2 light beers
Wednesday - fiber one bar for breakfast
- hot dog grilled on the beach and brown rice chips for lunch
- chicken with broccoli and white rice and 1 california roll for dinner
- 2 mixed rum drinks for after dinner
Thursday - fiber one bar for breakfast
- tuna sub with homeade chips for lunch
- small hot fudge sundae for dessert
- 2 slices pizza for dinner
Friday - 2 slices white toast with peanut butter and orange juice for breakfast
- brown rice chips for lunch
- 1/2 serving crab dip, salad, pork chop with mushroom crab sage cream sauce
and 1 Orange Crush for dinner
Saturday - 1 sirloin steak salad with baked sweet potato for lunch
- saltines for dinner after The Beast (migraine) subsided (1:30am)
Sunday - 1 strawberry jello for breakfast (migraines make you eat weird things)
- 3 tacos for lunch
- frozen pizza for dinner

I drank tons of water this week while soaking up the sun on the beach. As for my other goals for the week, I did okay. When I drank beer, it was light beer. I walked the pup one time around the neighborhood (approx 1 mile) and 2 times on the beach. I ate salad with pretty much every meal. I ate the snacks that I packed along with some of The Feeder's fruit.
Overall, I don't think I strayed too far. The scale will tell. But, I feel good about the choices I made. I ate the foods I love but did not over indulge.
This week, it's back to daily posting and tracking points. I'm ready to start exercising again too. Spending the majority of your time in a bathing suit is excellent motivation. I highly suggest it.

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