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Weigh in

I'm a day late with my weigh in. Oops.
I'm not sure whether to be happy about my results or not. I expected a little gain while on vacation. That part didn't shock me. You eat seafood and fried food for a week and of course, you are going to gain weight.
Last week's pre-vacation weigh in was 195.2. I actually made my 5 pound mark.
My post vacation weigh in is...197.4. That's a 2.2 pound gain.
Not too shabby.
I'm perfectly okay with that.
My goals for this post-vacation week are:
*Track, track, track!
*Exercise at least 3 days (Slim in 6)
*Increase fruit and veggie intake after having slacked on that all week.
No problem.
I've got this.
How about you?

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