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Hi peeps.
I know I haven't posted my food journal here all week. I've just been busy again this week and haven't had a chance. I have been maintaining my food journal though via the Weight Watchers 3 month journal I dug up last week.
I have tapped into my flex points alot more than I had wanted to this week but I'm okay with that. I'm battling TOM and all of his temptation. I'm also battling stress and that's never easy. I'm trying my hardest to not eat the stress away. While I have managed to avoid over-snacking, I haven't done so well at managing portions or paying attention to points like I should.
I still think I'm doing okay. There are 14 flex points left at this point in the week. Today, I know I will be going out with friends for dinner and a couple beers. I will also be taking time today to plan my meals for the week. My goal is to use what's in my cabinet and fridge and avoid having to buy anything (thank you furloughs for forcing me to cut my budget even more than I already have - bastards).
Anyway, I'm doing okay this week so far. I even managed to fit in some exercise. Woohoo!
How are you guys doing?

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