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Eats for Saturday 9/4

“I don’t fish. I don’t golf. I fight fires. And I eat cake. You take fires away and within three weeks, a month tops, I will be dead due to cake-related injuries.”

Just a little quote from probably my favorite character on Rescue Me, Lt Shea or Lou. His food addiction is one thing that makes him so endearing to me.

I'm thinking of cake because there is currently a birthday cake in my office that I am struggling to avoid. I have 2 hours to go at this point and I want to cave. I actually may end up caving.

You'll have to read to the bottom to find out since I'm going to be finishing and posting this either later tonight or tomorrow morning.
I don't even know what's going to happen as of right now.
Isn't it exciting?

On with the eats for the day...

Daily points allowance: 25
Weekly points remaining: 25

*I always sleep in when I work 2nd shift. Always.
1 Pepperidge Farm multi grain deli flat, 2 pts - 23
1 serving peanut butter, 5 pts - 18
1 vanilla Yoplait light yogurt, 2 pts - 16
strawberries, 1 pt - 15
8oz fat free skim milk, 2 pts - 13

2 servings dry roasted peanuts, 8 pts - 5
30g cheddar rice cakes, 2 pts - 3

1 cheese stick, 2 pts - 1
2 cups romaine and spinach with carrots and mushroom, 0 pts - 1
1 serving fat free feta, 1 pt - 0
1 serving bacos, 1 pt - 0/24
2 tbsps light caesar dressing, 2 pts - 0/22
1 Yoplait light yogurt, 2 pts - 0/20
4 16oz cups water with crystal light, 0 pts - 0/20

So, did I eat the cake?
Yep. 1 piece store bought cake, 5 pts - 0/15

Total points used: 30
Weekly points remaining: 15
Fruit/veggie servings: 3
Water intake: 8
Exercise: none

Thought for the day:
I am a weak, weak woman. When faced with cake of any kind, cake usually wins. It is my kryptonite.

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  1. Cake is my Kryptonite too!!! I wish I could not eat it. Sometimes, we all have to splurge though!