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Eats for Thursday 1/27/11

My eats are all messed up for today. I was very sleep deprived after working an 8 hour shift then spending the night in the office due to the snow. When I came home, I wanted to crash, but I had to shovel my way into my driveway.
I started shoveling and had to go inside to scarf down a fiber one bar and a clementine because I was about to pass out from lack of sleep and too much physical labor.
Once I was done with the shoveling, I crashed for about an hour or so and really didn't care about eating. I had to go back to work at night and still didn't care about eating.
If I wasn't so tired, I probably would've planned better and actually eaten all my points for the day.
It happens.

Daily points allowance: 25
Weekly points remaining: 22
*Remember that I am using the old WW points system, not the new one.

1 fiber one bar, 1 pt - 24
1 clementine, .5 pts - 23.5
16 oz water, 0 pts - 23.5

1 hour heavy duty snow shoveling, +8 pts - 31.5 pts

2 low fat waffles (3), blueberries (1), light syrup (1), smart balance
spread (2), 7 pts - 24.5

1 cup pasta, 4pts - 20.5
1/4 cup ground beef, 2 pts - 18.5
1/4 cup sauce (1) with 1/4 cup tomatoes (0), 1 pt - 17.5
32oz water with crystal light, 0 pts - 17.5

1 fiber one bar, 1 pt - 16.5

Total points used: 16.5
Weekly points remaining: 22
Fruits/veggies: 2
Water: 6
Exercise points: +8

Thought for the day:
I should shovel snow more often! But not really.

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  1. Since we never get snow, I can only imagine how tiring shoveling must be. *Hugs* to you.