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Eats for Friday 1/28/11

MB and I got Indian food for lunch. Are you even surprised by this anymore?

More importantly, have I told you of my love for Yoplait's dessert flavored yogurts? I heart them big time.
Tonight, I had the Black Forest Cake flavor. It is so good.
My other faves are the Boston Cream Pie, Pineapple Upside Down Cake and Banana Cream Pie. It's the perfect way to satisfy your need for sweets without doing any real damage.
You should definitely try them. If you do, let me know what you think.
What's your favorite flavor, if you have already discovered them?

Daily points allowance: 25
Weekly points remaining: 22
*Remember that I am using the old WW points system, not the new one.

1 fiber one bar, 1 pt - 24

1/2 cup rice, 2 pts - 22
1/2 cup vegetable curry, 5 pts - 17
2 veggie samosas, 6 pts - 11

1/2 cup rice, 2 pts - 9
1/2 cup vegetable curry, 5 pts - 4
1 light yogurt, Black Forest Cake flavored, 2 pts - 2
64oz water with crystal light, 0 pts - 2

popcorn, 2 pts - 0

Total points used: 25
Weekly points remaining: 22
Fruits/veggies: 1
Water: 8
Exercise: none

Thought for the day:
The lady at the new take out Indian place knows me by name now. Just saying.

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  1. Have you tried the Red Velvet Cake yoplait? It's sweeeeeeet!