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Weigh in day again!
Well, it was actually yesterday, but The Beast was looming yesterday and I didn't get around to posting anything. If you have no clue who The Beast is, it's my personification of the migraines that plague my life. Fun.

So, anyway. I lost a pound. Can we focus on that please!?! Yay!!!!!

I'll be honest. If I had avoided that bowl on ice cream and the DQ Blizzard I had this week, I would have definitely lost more weight. Had I also added some exercise, that would've helped.

But, I did eat much better this week and I'm happy with that. Getting back to a more structured eating routine was my primary goal for the week anyway and I met it.

I know I missed a couple days of posting and I really didn't mean to do that. I was working this weekend and it was really busy. By the time I came home, I just didn't feel like doing anything but crashing.

The exercise will come. MB and I actually walked the trails yesterday with the pup. It was super cold and we were trudging through the snow, but that only made us walk faster. It was probably a couple miles and took us about 30-45 minutes. I didn't really pay attention. It was beautiful. Everything was blanketed with snow and some of the creek was iced over. The pup loved it!

We are still planning on restarting the Couch to 5k, but want to wait until it warms up a little. Neither one of us has good cold weather running gear. It's one thing hiking in a winter parka. Running in a parka? Not so much fun.

So, my goals for this coming week:
*Post my eats daily and stick within my points.
*Increase my fruits and vegetables.
*Walk the trail twice (weather permitting) and do Slim in 6 twice.
*Remember that I can do this!

How was your week? Can't wait to check in with everyone!

Hey! You know what? Tomorrow is Share a Spoon over at Think Tank Momma's place. She's doing a Soup, Salad and Sammie day just for me! She's so awesome. If you have any good recipes to share or want to get some good recipes, stop by!

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  1. Congrats on that loss, hon! I hope you start feeling better soon. Migraines are no fun. The only thing that knocks mine out is Excedrin Migraine. *HUGS* to you.