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Eats for Saturday 2/26/11

Today was my first day off in a week and I took full advantage of it. I slept in until noon and it was wonderful. I was all snuggly in my warm fuzzy blankets, dreaming of zombies and rebuilding society.

I'm reading the graphic novels, The Walking Dead.

It affects me.

When I finally got out of bed (after much prodding from MB), I chilled for a bit. I caught up on my dvr shows from the week. Then, I showered and cleaned the house and started laundry.

I'm also off tomorrow and MB will be gone, working a 24 hour shift. This means I get to sleep in as long as I want and be as lazy as I want and he can't give me any crap.

Although, I plan to go walking with the pup if it's nice out. We need some fresh air. Especially her. She stinks.

Note to self: Call the groomer!


Daily points allowance: 25
Weekly points remaining: 15
*Remember that I am using the old WW points system, not the new and improved one.

1 serving Special K cereal with raisins, 4 pts - 21
8 oz fat free skim milk, 2 pts - 19

veggie straws, 3 pts - 16
Welch's fruit snacks, 6 pts - 10
unsweetened iced tea, 0 pts - 10

1 cup chicken with broccoli, 2 pts - 8
1 cup white rice, 4 pts - 4
1 egg roll, 5 pts - 0/14

Total points used: 26
Weekly points remaining: 14
Fruits/veggies - none
Water: none
Exercise: none

Thought for the day:
Sleeping in is heaven. (sigh)

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