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Weigh in!


I'm down by 1.4 for the week.

Interesting tidbit? When I weighed in on Saturday, it was 193. I guess I ate 1.6 pounds of crap in two days.


I'm happy with my loss though. I feel great! I finally feel like I'm back on track and I'm motivated again.

I have really missed tracking my daily eats. That one little thing makes such a difference for me.

My goals for the week:
-track points and post my daily eats.
-C25K Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday or Sunday.
-Ramp it Up Wednesday, Friday and Saturday or Sunday.
-Stick to my planned meals for the week.

4 months to go until I have to don that poufy dress and not look like a sausage!

I can totally do this.

How are you doing?

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